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Illegal Riding In Lochaber


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Just a short story ; we had the man from the ministry arrive at one of our landowners with evidence of ruddy motorbikes wrecking nature ( there is a public right of way through his woods so you can speculate where the "complaint came from). Landowner invited in for cuppa to discuss.... went out into back yard... ministry man spot this flower growing like a weed in the garden... landowner says yes it's where I wash my my bike after ridimg in the wood....aha says man from ministry how many bikes go in there and then go home to wash them .?.. oh maybe 60 to a 100!....excellent says the man from the ministry....carry on with the good work.. Moral is that sometimes you can play their game and win.. it's always worth a go!. For me and many older trials folk appreciating the natural beuty is part of trials.. the last thing we want is to harm it.

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