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Beta 200 Or 250 Advice Needed


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hi all

a bit about myself i am 53 and most of my life I've been racing of some kind,moto-x,enduro.road racing and even a few years back i had a go at trials for 2years,i only got up to a "C' grade,i started on a sherco 290 then onto a beta250 and for me the beta was a better bike and really enjoyed trials but then things got in the way like life does and i had to pack it up,anyway ive been back doing bush riding on a ktm450 and then a ktm350exc,but the last wk or so I've broken my collarbone very bad and ended up having surgery, so this has sparked up within me i want to get back into trial,(well for the past year i wanted to do it)

so whats the go with this post? well i need some advice ive got 2 bikes in the line and both are beta's one is a 2012 200 and the other one is a beta 250 2011 both come in at around the same price give or take $200 both in vgc, with me only getting up to "c" grade what bike will suit me the most,will the 200 be too small?

any info/help/input will be a big help

thanks mick

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Same story as me, rode bikes for years and started on trials bikes before moving to fast events but after a few big crashes a couple of years ago which ended with a broken wrist in 3 places,5 broken ribs and collarbone decided to get back into trials,

Well told be the other half to sell the enduro bike

Bought a beta 250 and had no problems and also rode a 200 and found it was just as good and it can do anything the 250 could do on any line up to A grade so just get the bike in the best condition and price

Now swapped to twinshock and have just as much fun riding and working on the bikes so the beta has been sold

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Sounds similar stories abound. I got back to trials after 19 years, bought a Fantic 245 aircooled mono, but one ride on a Beta Evo 125 convinced me that modern was light, nimble and fun. Rode the 125 for a year and with suitable revs it went anywhere I wanted and was always light and nimble. But then bought a 2012 Beta Evo 200 and now riding C grade in WA. The bike can certainly do more than I am capable of (except in my dreams). Good low down torque, very friendly power without taking me into too many places I might prefer not to be. I have tweaked mine with Boyesen Reeds (dual stage before the new ones were released) which with some changes in jetting has given even more responsiveness down low and I put on a modified throttle - fast in initial stages to then normal slow domino. Works great for the quick steps without then racing away on me. The bike always gets up the splat walls I have tried - now I just got to learn to always stay on it. I have not found it lacking - it is usually me that is lacking. Other info - I weigh in at 70-74kg, so its not having to lug around too much of me.

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Get both - I have both. A 2011 200 and a 2012 250. I'm 55 years, 1.98m and 93 kg and 98% of the time prefer riding the 200 (my riding buddies think I'm nuts by the way). I like the 250 at events that have a longer loop because it is geared a little higher or high altitude (8,000+ ft) for a little extra power. Make sure the 200 has a Keihin carb (in the US they came with Mikuni up to 2011 and I added the Keihin), On the 200 you don't really need first gear as it is too low - I ride everything in second gear - it will lug the slow stuff and quickly spin up for something bigger without having to shift. Use 3rd for the bigger hill climbs. Easier to ride, easier to start, easier to control when at your edge, less wear and tear on the body. Less power forces you to be a better rider so you actually have to step up your game to ride the 200. All that said the 250 is the perfect bike to just jump on and ride. Good luck.

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I have the Beta 250 my friend the 200. The 200 would be my bike of choice next time but I have lowered the 250 gearing on the rear sprocket to make it the same as the 200, a great improvement and really there is not much in it between the two bikes. The 250 has more low down power but the 200 is just as capable a bike, both have plenty of oomph for anything you will ride.

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