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  1. Dan, any luck? I've worked on these carbs a little. It's the same As on the new 4t. The first thing I do to on the new ones is to install a Jitsie remote fuel screw. I had an '08 4t but did not have to pull the carb or change anything. There is very limited info out there on this carb. I found out a little about them from a 4 wheeler forum as the Yamaha Warrior used the BSR before it went fi.
  2. The drain plug is not rocket science. I just snug it up good and not overtighten it.
  3. I'm at about 400 ft above sea level. And I did have to lower the needle. I'm pretty sure I had to lower it by slots.
  4. If a 2 stroke motor is run too cool for an extended period of time carbon builds up and causes piston an cylinder scoring. Also causes the rings to stick for excessive blowby.
  5. I can't ride mine on the fast map. Almost killed myself.
  6. Badass lookin bike! I got a 300 ordered. I'll order a 300 4t and a 250 2t also.
  7. Is your fan thermostat bypassed?
  8. When its hot outside the 4t fan rarely shuts off.
  9. Some Betas suffer from a loud primary. The gears mate a little loose and create a knocking sound. This is better than too tight which causes gear whine. I don't know what gear oil you use but if you try a heavier oil and it quiets it down some than this is your noise. It doesn't hurt anything it's just annoying. The Evo's seem to be quite a bit better about this than the Rev's
  10. Mobil1 0w20 will fix clutch drag and make shifting easier.
  11. The 250 is a great bike!
  12. I'm talking about his first post not his wishwashy 2nd post
  13. I fully agree with every word Sting32 said! well, most of them anyway.
  14. That site is too complicated for me to figure out.
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