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The V Bomber Over Fort William


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Does anybody remember a V-bomber flying over Fort William during one of the SSDTs?

This man most certainly does, Jon Tye riding his BSA C15 in the 2000 Pre-65 Scottish was closer to the action on the day the V-bomber visited than most...........



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xh558 is the only surviving flying vulcan bomber although she has been laid low since late summer when a fuel tank developed a leak.. seek out the website and drop your jaw at the costs involved (akk from private donations) of keeping her in the air.


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Hi Guy's.

What a shame Jon would not be allowed to ride that bike in the trial today? because he has British BSA /Triumph fourstud forks fitted.

Shame looks like nothing else is hidden in or on the bike! "British and it should be allowed to fly with this pilot".

Regards Charlie. :icon_salut: :icon_salut: :icon_salut: www.bsaotter.com

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Hi Charlie,

I don't want to fall out with you - but the argument about those forks really reflects the whole essence of the 'pre-65, pre-70, classic twinshock definitions quandary'.

In reality it always actually was - do you want to try and keep the essence of enjoyment by creating trials for those riders with genuine old machines to ride in - or do you want to merely create a series of trials that look like old-style trials that create a lucrative market for specials builders and riders willing to spend in order to win???????

You mention the fourstud forks on the BSA being ridden by Jon Tye in 2000. Alan Wright, the interested spectator in the picture, had a similar set of forks on his bike - and had constant arguments with me because he didn't want to have to ride his bike in the 'Specials' class in my 'British Bike Championship', at the Pre-65 Scottish in 2000 he spent at least half an hour bending my ear trying to persuade me that he had only fitted those 1972 forks because Bonky Bowers had them on his bike in the SSDT in 1968 - therefore they really must be pre-1970 (unit class) eligible.

The answer was simple - as soon as I got home I put on a video of the 1968 Scottish and then hunted through all my own collection of images - one thing was patently obvious. The machine Bonky Bowers rode in 1968 had standard looking BSA front forks - not the ones that first appeared on the Triumph Adventurers sold in the States.

The trouble is they were allowed as eligible in Scotland - but nowhere else in those days. The bikes were welcomed in most other trials - but in the 'specials' class - and the argument has bubbled along ever since.

Those are the facts as I know them - how those facts are used is up to those kind volunteers organising the various events around not only the country - but the wider world as well.

Enjoy - even the image of Wrighty in 2000 below!!


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Two other machines from the Lampkin stable were seen in the 2000 Scottish Pre-65, Arthur rode one and Jeff Smith, over on a holiday from his home in Canada, rode the other. Each chose a Gold Star, both machines really genuine machines of the correct era, both machines that Arthur could be seen regularly riding on early mornings around his home in the Yorkshire dales.

Photographs of the happy pair are attached - they had a thoroughly good day out chatting to many old friends all the way round. Whether the heavy old Goldies were the cause - or the very modern tweaks applied to some of the sections - or even the quantity of ale quaffed through the long evening - whatever, the pair decided that the second day was an official rest day for Goldies.........at least, that's their story!




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Hi Guy's,

Hi Deryk

You won't fall out with me! although I will now be said to be creeping!

You are totally correct .

It is this Scottish thing again!

They let fourstud forks into the trial in the year 2000, and they are then OK, didn't Wright'y win with a pair on his Bantam as well?

But they are banned now, For being British ?? Where as you can use forks with Spanish, Japanese , or any other make of fork as long has you spend a fortune disguising them inside British sliders and fitting 2014 Billet yokes.

So where is the sense in that???

The only reason I keep on about these forks is that they are relatively cheap to built up with mostly new parts and work reasonably well. thats it. I fit them to my "Otters" as these are not Pre ^% either.

Although the Faber Mk 3 is now OK for that trial.

Are not the mudguard fork braces banned this year as well??

If so most riders will have to scrap there forks ,because the internals won't work correctly without these. but they should never been fitted in the first place.

Another vast expense for one trial, and probably making them further away from a genuine Pre ^% trials bike.

Deryk, I was told and believe I have a photo somewhere , Of "Bonkey's" Bantam sporting a pair of Bultaco forks painted black???

Regards Charlie. :icon_salut: www.bsaotter.com

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Hi Charlie,

You are absolutely right - the nub of the problem is that Scottish Pre-65 event being so full of contradictions that nothing makes sense any more - in effect it is just totally sad that so many seem to believe that the Scottish standard - which we both know does not exist - is supposedly 'the law'.



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Hi Guy's.




 A follow on to this story, is that Alan Lampkin above  shot.


Has a Urgent search for a top yoke for his old "Works C15" 748 MOE.


Alan is rebuilding the bike now he has found it, and brought it back into the Lampkin stable.


He needs to find this top yoke Number 40-5094, has used by the works boys at the time.


So he can get the machine ready for son James to ride in the Scottish Pre-65 2016 trial, as it is 50 years this year since Alan won the trial.


Please have a look if any of you have C15 yokes lying about one may have this 40-5094 number on and Alan would be very grateful.


Regards Charlie.



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There was one flying over us as we where in the sections on last years Manx 2 day Classictrial.


 HI Mike,


You were possibly looking at a Vulcan in the air on one of its last ever times before its Flight Safety certificate was withdrawn.  My late wife was qualified to service the wireless equipment on Vulcans,

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Nice to know Jon Tye was still riding in 2000.   I was sold a BSA C15 in 1963 that was

said to be his old works bike.   It had a C15T engine in a C15S (Scrambles) frame with

a square fibre glass oil tank.

I used it for everything...  Road use, Trials, Scrambles, and then with a 12:1 piston, 1 1/16 carb

and Close Ratio gears (£15 new from the local BSA Dealer), running on Methanol, I used it for

Grass-Track.  Also I used 350 Gold star valves, after grinding out the old trials head, along with

a 'sprint' cam from a sprinter guy from Cardiff.


regards... Pete




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