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A2 Licence, What Bhp Is A Sherco 300?


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Morning All,

Due to my age being 23 when I took my test, and after January 2013 I could do my full bike test but only have a a2 licence meaning I am restricted to 47bhp and no more than a 0.2kw/kg power to weight ratio.

so im wondering if any body out there actually noes the BHP of a 2015 sherco 300?

its the power to weight im worried about. sherco state it weighs 68kg and 0.2kw equates to 0.268bhp, there for the bike would have to be 18bhp to be legal?

could any one in the no please shed some light

Many Thanks

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0.2kw/kg power to weight ratio.


What a totally stupid law. You are compelled to buy a heavier bike to be road legal. Don't your bureaucrats know these things fall on top of you once in a while :/

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A 300 Sherco will comfortably exceed 0.2 kW per kg. My guess is that it will not be far off 0.3 kW per Kg which is pretty well in line with your figures.

As far as I know all importers / manufacturers have to stae which group their vehicle falls into so Sherco (MRS) should be able to answer this.

This law and the 125cc to 19 year old limit is due to EU legislation. The present conservative government saw no point in these new laws but failed to block them in the UK because the previous Labour Government / Tony Blair had already signed up to the project.

Write to you MP (as I have done) and vote UKIP next time.

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only one political party is commited to an in out referendum.. UKIP is nt it.. end of politics.. oh hang on the MOT has been scrapped for pre60 vehicles and road fund licences for historic vehicles has again becoming a rolling date all EU centric decsions.. as unfortunately the legislation to outlaw non oem parts on vehicles..

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The rolling period for exemption used to be 25 years, Labour abolished it completely and now it has been reintroduced at 40 years.

Bearing in mind their light weight, low mileage etc VED for motorcycles is excessively high.

Scrapping the MOT may not be as convenient as first thought, there is talk of rising insurance premiums for vehicles that do not have an MOT and I have heard that non MOT classic vehicles are being barred from track days (or being put in a much more expensive category) and being barred from classic car gatherings because the insurance premiums are too expensive for the organisers otherwise.

I run several classic cars (not pre 1960) and what is really needed is a reduction in fee, a greater leeway period around the retest date and the banning and public naming of garages who do not carry out MOTs properly.

A main dealer about 25 miles from me was subject to a random VOSA check last year and failed to detect any of the 5 deliberate faults on the VOSA test car. They got off with a warning but were allowed their MOT test status - other MOT testers in the area were upset to say the least.

There also needs to be a crackdown on garages that fail cars to generate work

Sadly UK governments have been anti car ever since they made a man with a red flag walk in front. Motorists are treated as a convenient cash cow.

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You could easily double it (at about 20bhp)  and still be within the limit for the test but it is not of large enough capacity. If you have the A2 then you're okay   I am not sure how formally the power output has to be recorded but suspect there will be a certification requirement, possibly dependent on date of registration.

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