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Kt250 A1Restoration Project

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Stock front is 13,14,15 stock rear is 52.

Will also measure carb studs and look at those flanges

Finished breakdown today. Only other broken part I found today was the brake spring. The was another rigged up to the brake switch holder, that works but will try to repair or acquire correct spring

Thanks all.

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Thanks, thats what I will go with when I make the switch to 520. Think I will leave it as is for winter as I think I am going to join a bunch of other folks for some lake ice racing. Purchased the bike with knobbie tires that I will swap out for trials tire, but first will stud p the knobbies and hit the ice for some winter fun.

Ordered a bunch of parts from Fred today, frame is at powder coater, get it back on Fri and then reassembly begins.

Discovered bent and near stripped shifter shaft, so going to need to replace that first, chance take a peek as the clutch plates.

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Update, ran into another issue, stripped engine oil drain plug, Argh, why people strip these and dont use a washer!! Not like the bolts holds anything. Plug will not back out no matter what, so inside the motor we go. Buddy of mine Dan Killian is a engine so he got into it over the holiday, will I hunt up parts, gaskets, seals etc.

Seem left side crank seal is the hard one to get, hopefully finally I have a set coming from the UK now. Main crank bearing are all junked up with grime and grit, odd, bore, piston and rings, crank all look real good. Could be either no air filter or cracked intake carb rubber I found was the source. So new mains going in. Waiting on parts to put it back together. Had hoped to not have to do motor work on this bike but not so.

Get powder coated frame back today so will start cleaning parts and putting back together.

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HI Pungo,

I am really excited to see your restoration! I am also starting to work on my KT250, which has been in my family its entire existence. My great-uncle bought it new in 74 and my grandfather bought it from him for me around 1999 or so. I've not ridden it or had it running since about 2004, but I'm hoping to clean the carb and gas tank and replace the fluids in it to get it going again very soon and also do some more work on it before spring (rebuild the forks, maybe rebuild the top end or at least take a look at the rings, etc.).

Here's a pic:


Anyway, I just wanted to mention that BJ Racing has a few trials parts you might find useful, including the rear sprocket spacer mentioned earlier: http://www.bjracing.com/kt250.html

For the record, I am in no way associated with them.

If you don't mind me asking, how much was the shipping from NZ for your parts? I'm suspecting I may have to order some parts from them, too. :)


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Hi Guys,

Just been reading your conversation and found it really interesting. I have had a kt with sidecar for about 15 years and have finally decided to drag it out the barn and do something with it. I thought you might like to see some picturespost-20695-0-97437800-1421251074_thumb.jpgpost-20695-0-80443200-1421251101_thumb.jpgpost-20695-0-80443200-1421251101_thumb.jpgpost-20695-0-39760500-1421251141_thumb.jpg

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Hi All,

Sorry been away for a while.

The project continues, my motor has been rebuilt and is back in my hands now.

Summary of work as follows

- Repaired stripped oil drain plug ( the reason to crack the cases, could not be removed from outside)

- Replaced main bearings, full of gritty oily gunk, perhaps road with no air cleaner or leaking intake, amazing that crank bearings were fine.

- All new seals, main bearing, counter shaft, kicker, shifter, counter shaft sprocket oring.

- Switched to 13t counter shaft sprocket

- Decided against new rings as bore looks mint, still has cross hatching, and ring are already broken in for that bore, new rings would need break-in period, 500+ miles, LOTs of trials riding before going to an event.

- Replaced all case screws with hex head stainless crews, $18 kit from Z1 Enterprises / DrBolts.com

- New clutch plates and springs

- New head and Cly hardware

- New piston pin, small end bearing, clips

- All new gaskets, head, base, clutch, mag, intake, exhaust, oil pump,

- Found place to get replacement mag wire grommet

Now I can move forward with getting motor back into the frame with exhaust pipe hanging in the frame first, really tough getting out during dis assembly.

Frame is back from the powder coater. Going to not worry about taking off powder coat on engine mounts to ensure the frame is good electrical ground for electrical system. Instead going to add an additional wire to the mag harness and tie directly the coil/CDI frame grounds directly the the motor via the cable guide screws.

Currently I am building another motor from the parts bike I purchased and another motor that came with the first KT I purchased. Build one good one from two others. Plan is to make a second rider bike, not as nice as my partial resto bike. I have enough extra parts to make another running bike. Its more $s into another motor but its also a backup spare for my main bike.

I have had some parts issues but eventually was able to get what I needed so far. Thanks to Fred from NZ for parts and valuable information for newbee to KT world, UK Trials Shop, ebay, folks here and others. Its been fun so far and will continue as I work on reassembly now.

I still have more pics to add to my project folders but here is the links. I have exceeded the max photos per album so had to go to a part 1 and part 2 photo albums. Also have included a link to the parts bike and my ongoing collection of KTs for reference.

The project continues...more to come.





I also scanned may 75 A1 shop manual, have the A2 one also if needed. Have been learning more and more the diff between A1 and A2, not just the diff in tank paint.




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Very nice, very clean. I am trying NOT to do what I have done in the past, making them too nice to want to ride.

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