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New Suzuki Beamish Rl250 Project

beta evo andy

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To help with your restoration thoughts how about a period shot of welsh champion Mike Leddy with his 325 Beamish Suzuki,


There are plenty of period shots of Beamish Suzukis in current and forthcoming issues of our digital magazine, ORRe, where for a simple fee of £12 per year you get immediate access to (currently) thirty-six issues, plus probably another twenty in the year, and copies of any photographs at no extra charge if they would help.


Each issue is fifty or more pages, and many photos are being published for the very first time - no space is wasted on advertising and when we make a mistake we put a correction UP FRONT and EMPHASIZED, not ignored or tucked away in the small print..........


Oh, and there are no visible watermarks in the magazine




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It's been a little while and I'm back at it, I will be having some work done to the frame to remove the rear loop and have the later beamish mudguard stays welded on, also got to weld on some bar stops and just had chain tensioner bracket welded to later swing arm, will be looking at getting chrome stripped and frame powder coated instead

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Hi all

Been too busy enjoying my 2017 gas gas 280 but I have got back round to working on my beamish, I changed the fork clamps for ones from an rl model as did the forks ( oil forks instead of air forks) I chopped parts of the rear of the black engine frame and welded them to mine, also used the swingarm from the black engine beamish as my one looked to have been extended and chrome was bad, I also have changed the bars but am currently searching for a swing arm bush kit 


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