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Itsa ! :)


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WWEELLL ..... Great weekend ... Exhausted from the drive etc....  My son Tyler got some one on one instruction and fun time from up and coming pro rider Dean Buchard  (sp?), the son of gentleman I've never physically met , long time STRA member Alan B...., but when I had bought the 240's way back when , told me to contact B&J for help , parts and info . And you should see his son RIDE !!!! OMG! doesn't even come close ....

 And Dustin jumped on the Section , first time ever even touching it running , and grins and hops around in a circle for a minute and jumps off it with a smie and says SWEET(I think) and proceeds to get sign up rolling  ....I rode novice sat. with my son and he beat me by a point !!!! But I'm pretty sure I cleaned his clock Sunday  ...( I need to ride ALOT more , muscle memory ain't what it used to be ...)

 I got to ride a 300/301 just so I could feel what the 300 motor feels like, love the smooth torque of the 300 motor :) had another 240 owner ride mine and got the ?huh? look   , aka that's a slow throttle ???? (yeah, works motor with a OKO...) I think I'll love the 300 motor in my chassis , may help my riding style versus the snarly mx type hit of my 240.Smooth on her is a effort ...And Doug why didn't you take her out for some abuse @ TTC ???

 Steve give Bob a call   , He's getting a passion for Fantics again ... :)

Glenn B)

And Zelda the trials puppy had fun too... She's still asleep  !  But I say Monster  (Dustins buddy/dog...) and her eyes light up .... 4 years old and she's got a boyfriend.... What's a dad to do ?????

 ITSA RULES !!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey Glenn, great to see you again this past weekend buddy. You've got that fantic looking good. And Tyler seems to have wheelie fever on that honda. Tyler was smiling ear to ear when Bob read scores on Saturday. Glad you brought Zelda too. 


Not sure moving to the expert line was the best decision I ever made but getting to ride with Dustin and Deane was a real treat. Those are some bad boys on 2 wheels (motor or no motor)


Hey Doug, dont count us out yet. We have had some serious discussions about coming up to Indiana. And I know the heads of ITSA have mentioned coordinating next year's TI schedule and the ITSA schedule to allow some more folks to attend both series events. And now with the splits we have introduced to the expert line, the more advanced guys on modern bikes wont be bored to tears riding at our vintage events. Just ask Deane, he seemed to enjoy the technical challenge along with some of the bigger stuff.

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Hey Stu ! (the new ITSA V.P. !!!) ,

I adjusted the clutch actuator rod on the old 240 , and alas it's got a bit more freeplay , but has become a toggle switch....Time to put the 300 motor in her and weld up a couple of expansion chamber mounts and build a cool airbox . For some unknown reason the 300 motor will bolt right into my frame ? I tried it and except for modding the exhaust mounts to take the 300 chamber , no frame issues on mine...gonna use the same OKO and play with jetting  if needed .I may go thru the 300 motor after it propels the bike , the mains and seals etc. have sat quite awhile without any exercise !!!!

 And I've got to trick up Tylers tlr some too, But I do love watching him make crap suspension work !!!! (he has yet to know better ! :)(mean dad syndrome !! :))

I can't wait to see you folks again , and I'm looking at property's in the Dickson area , I need to downsize and find a place to retire . (sorta)


ITSA ROCKS !!!!!!!! 

And BIFF ; if I could I would !!!!


















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Glenn, what your gearing setup is on the 240?..Mine has been 10/40 up until now,

which is too low for the big ups on the A line in first gear (for me).  I changed to 11/41,  better for the bigger stuff, but still may be lower than what's on yours.  My clutch isn't too bad (~ 1/2" arm extend), but does get more grabby when hot.  I bet you'll like the 300 motor :)

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Mine is 10/42... But I use 2nd/3rd for most everything  . (except Bob's turn up your own a*** stuff...) But I have been known to shift in a section at times too.

The 300 swap starts this weekend ... (I hope , photo's should follow  ...)


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Yep, I think I may end up at 11/40, just seemed like a large change from where I was, so 11/41 feels 

better for now :).  I previously tried to shift to 2nd gear in some sections, but I have clutch drag (even after doing the "beta" clutch fix) and shifting is hit or miss going slow.  Need to figure out what's causing the clutch drag...

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