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Static Balance Techniques


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Hello Guys,

I got a couple of dummy questions here as a relative rookie... as winter is here and can't get out I'm trying to practice some static balance on my trials bike. As such the bike is off and on flat ground. I haven't been able to find much detailed techniques to improve balance on such conditions... so I have a couple of findings from my own and some questions... if you can please provide sound feedback on it, I'd appreciate it!



1. Start with the handlebar straight - apparently at some point people develops a preferred site to lock the handle bar... in my case, starting with it in the middle/straight position helps me correct unbalance as per item below

2. If the motorcycle is tilting/falling towards one side, turning the handlebar towards that same side helps (up to some extent) recover your balance

3. Try to start with the bike as vertical/balanced as possible and try to move it lateral the minimum possible when lifting up your final foot - the more balanced you start the easier to keep it

4. Bend your knees

5. Keep your knees pointing outward - I made huge mistake for long trying to balance with knees inward... what a pain; til finally got that (from a hard to find video not even related to this topic)... huge help :-)

6. Apparently, with the bike off is harder than with the bike on (?) - might be the inertia thing... not sure though

7. Subtle movements should help... although I'm not there yet

8. Front brake helps



a. I have seen guys lifting a leg perpendicular to the side of the bike to keep balance. How that works?, I mean, do you lift the leg on the same side the bike is tilting towards... or the opposite?... I haven't been able to even tell the difference... as I still loose it either way...lol ???

b. Up to what point/angle the technique above helps?

c. What to do after that?, I mean if it's tilted more than that limit ?

d. Any other tips to keep static balance???

e. Why it's so hard to find videos for these kind of details?... any of you guys up there willing to help all of us poor rookies trying to get in it?  :-)


Thanks and God Bless!

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You balance just as you would do a proper turn. Start with bike full lock,(l or r) front brake on, knees bent weight to the outside, shoulders pointed towards where you are going. You actually weight your pegs to maintain balance, you are supposed to turn with the pegs anyhow, not by the bars. Practice both directions, don`t just favor one side. Keep at it till you can go 15-20 minutes easily. Then you will be ready to start hopping the front.

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Before hydraulics and bikes made to break, we spent a lot of time doing silly antics while balancing. We used to use a rock or a rubber strap to hold the front brake locked on. That would enable us to change positions on the bike. Stand on the seat, balance backwards, walk over to the bars and stand on the front fender and then come back. Of course everybody has seen Debbie Evans doing her famous head stand routine. My favorite as a kid, I would score a section while the whole time balancing my bike. Have fun with it.

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Leg lifting is more of a last ditch attempt to toss your weight around not typically needed while static balancing in your basement :).

When I started I found it easiest to start with the wheel at full lock both brakes on and the side of the front wheel touching a brick or large stone. Once I got the feel for balancing the bike with that bit of assistance I started to balance without it. I know Ryan sais it is all about small movement with the hands but I actually found taking both hands off was surprisingly easy waving your hands around seems to really help balance so that was step 2 for me. Step three was keeping balanced while leaning the bike left or right nice knowing the bike doesn't have to be perpendicular to the ground to be balanced... handy to learn for turns.

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... thank you guys... I'll check those videos to see if I can find the "Leg-lifting" technique... I'd really like to understand it.


Keep it coming... and Happy Holidays !


As stated above the "Leg-lifting" technique is a last chance catch move and if your at that point your likely to be taking at least 1 point tell you have a lot of practice at it.  Now that I am 3 years into trials and riding intermediate I am able to use it from time to time without taking the point but still its a thin line on if I catch myself in time.  


For me one thing that really helped was to think of it as the bikes weight is one side of the scale and my body weight is the other one that I can move in and out on the other side to create the balance.  Once I got that down I was able to stop the bike mid turn and balance the bike because I had the scale balanced as I went into the turn so stopping was just about a small shift to account for the change in motion.  


Best of luck and the key is of course practice.  

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Well... first of all, sincere thanks again to all and each of you !


I've been going trough each of your comments and taken notes to start practicing on them :D


Just for the record...I've found your comments helpful. Not sure whether I'll be able to load up a video to share... but I'll try.


Thanks again  !!!



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