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Knocking Sound 2008 Txt250 Pro


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Just picked up this bike. Seems to have a knocking / plonking sound when the revs fall after it has been revved. It doesn't get it at idle or on the increase of revs. It appears just before the revs fall close to idle after high revs. Just put new petrol in and drained old petrol out of tank. I'm just going through the bike before I take it out for its first spin. Any ideas what this knocking is ? Air mixture? Air leak ? Or mechanical noise ?

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Sounds like too lean on the air screw from the way you describe it, but diagnosing noises over the internet isn't exactly an exact science.

Thanks for your reply.

That was my thought. I'm going to strip the carb and clean the air filter. What is the rough air screw and needle position for this bike ?

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If its a Dellorto carb then unscrew the fuel screw half a turn and try that.

If it has had a Keihin carb fitted then turn the air screw in a quarter of a turn and try that, sounds to me like its just "Pinking"....

Thanks for that. I will give it a go. Bike seems totally standard. What about the needle position? I'm in Cardiff so no altitude.

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