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Montesa 4ride price drop


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Hello, has anyone out there got one of these ? I love the concept but how good are these bikes ? Some great offers around on the pre registered 2016 models . Would we be better off re gearing a standard 4rt and get the lonride seat ? . Would love to hear any feedback on these , to be honest I don't think they will be produced for long, the market is small, a bit like the Scorpio Tride, but they are very rare now and rocketing in value ! . There's a place for an in between trials / enduro for some people ? What do you think ? 


.. I know the pic is not the standard machine by the way .


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You could probably buy a used trials bike for the likely cost of the tank/seat☺

However, raising the gearing on a 4RT would give you a low enough bottom for trail work along with a higher top than the 4Ride has (it's the same as the 4RT which I see as a major failing for the intended use of the 4Ride).

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Other than the gearing, larger tank, seat and the taller suspension the 4 Ride isn't crazy different from a 4RT.  I would think a used 4RT with a seat tank combo and a taller gearing would work quite well depending on your needs.  The need for lights or street licensing for your situation and/or location might be your only disadvantage to getting a 4 Ride over a 4RT. 


Good luck.

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On January 26, 2017 at 6:27 PM, jonnyc21 said:

True, and if I could get a 4 Ride here in the US I would already have one.  I am now wishing I had found a way to bring one in from Canada. 

I have yet to see one here and as far as I know they have not been brought into Canada by Honda Canada.  My local dealer actually told me that for 17' only the 300RR and the Repsol are available....not sure about that though as the standard is still on the website....

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