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  1. Grattarola to Montesa...... Fajardo at Gas Gas...... Cabestany ?? Beta - Kadlec and Roberts ??
  2. The Freeride is +30 lbs heavier and 4 " longer in the wheelbase over the 4Ride.
  3. It's also a consideration for the Observer. I've been affected by exhaust fumes while checking a section in a deep wooded ravine. Poorly carbureted 2 stroke riders are the worst offenders. They think they can "clean it out" by constant revving. With today's technology in EFI and 100:1 oils there is no need to fill our lungs with blue smoke.
  4. twinshocked


    A 15 minutes test 11 years ago by some old dude. Seems valid.
  5. Gordo, first let me apologize. I don't like to be a complainer. You as an organizer are the backbone of our sport. So thank you for your efforts. AHRMA organizers all over the country are doing what you do, including the post 79's. It's the right thing to do. we all know it. My problem is with AHRMA. They take your money but refuse to give you points and Vintage recognition for your bikes. I have tried to get them to include post 79 Twin Shock bikes. I have spoken with the top people there. They refuse to budge and without good reason. They have hurt vintage trials in America. A recent AHRMA trials here had nine riders. There used to be 50+entries. Again I apologize for being a whiner. I hope your event is a success. Biff is right. Just ride and have fun. If I were closer I would attend. TS PS it still bugs me that a 36 year old bike is considered "Post Vintage" by AHRMA.
  6. Why no points for post 79 twin shocks? Riders that travel to an event and pay the entry fee ought to be treated like everyone else. Sorry for the rant. I hope everyone has fun.
  7. The NATC is a 100% volunteer organization. Congratulations the job is yours.
  8. The disc collars are worn out. Replaced them. 315's rock.
  9. twinshocked

    Fit A Battery?

    I believe that power is diverted away from the lights during starting then redirected once the motor is running.
  10. twinshocked

    4Rt Quality ?

    I did read the thread. You you said the rollers were missing (post #40) and that was not true. Then you said the bearing was missing and that was not true. Sorry but that puts everything in doubt. Almost 5000 views on this thread of you giving misleading info. Careless, not intentional in my view, but still unfair to Montesa Honda.
  11. twinshocked

    4Rt Quality ?

    Just to clarify........are you telling us that the so called "missing bearing" was not missing??
  12. PLEASE before you rebuild the motor check the SPARK PLUG for an "R"
  13. GLUCOSAMINE is the answer. http://orthopedics.about.com/cs/supplements/a/glucosamine.htm I had tennis elbow so bad I could not ride. Glucosamine solved the problem.
  14. Check your spark plug for an "R". The 315 wants a resistor type plug.
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