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Maps for my new 2017 4RT?


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Montesa people

Anyone have recommendations on running new maps for my 4rt.  I'm new to the bike and to the sport.  I was getting more stalls than I should, so one of the local guys had me do a "tree test" - front wheel on the tree and slowly let out the clutch.  My new ride died way to quickly cos I was running the wet map.  On the dry map it was a little better but still died too early.

So maybe I just need to tune the mix here - or maybe I need to understand this whole programmable map deal and start to work with the system.  

Comments, recomendatins, thoughts?


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Just don't ride into trees!!!


didnt think throttle bodies were remappable on standard bikes.


suggest work on clutch adjustment coordination between throttle and clutch.

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10 hours ago, lineaway said:

 Nothing wrong with the maps. Are you running the 1800 rpm idle speed. That`s usually the problem.

Silly question:  how do I know if its 1800 - just guess it?  This is likely my problem.  Yes on the course throttle and clutch control is the root - I'm just trying to make sure the base is set up right.  I've had a couple of guys on 2 and 4 strokes show me a lot more "resistance to stalling" so there's certainly something to improve here...



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