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Dreaded Midges.........


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It has been an 'easy' winter this year, wet and miserable rather than freezing hard - so the midges are out and about already this year.  There are dozens of very expensive anti-midge sprays, etc... but they don't always meet their advertised claims.

However, if you are prepared - there is another way to ward the little buggers off.

Boots the chemist sell cheap bottles of their own 'Eau de Colgne' - not the fancy 4711-type stuff, just the big old cheap bottle of their own concoction - but splash a little in the palm of your hand and just rub it in any exposed bits of skin and most people will be midge-free all day - and there is a Boots in Fort William! Our last bottle is on its third year now - and it cost well under a quid.....


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5 minutes ago, neils on wheels said:

Avon's skin so soft works. I believe it is because of citronella in the formulation. It has been supplied to the Royal Marines for this very purpose.

Sure does, we dilute it and add a few drops of eucylyptus oil for our horses. 



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