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alternative kickstart/knuckles


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well solved the clutch slip/kickstart issue, put it all together and started to kick it over when the kickstart went all floppy again. Damn i thought its the springs again but no this time the kickstart knuckle has cracked through so it cant grip!!

InMotion have it listed but out of stock, has anyone ever found an alternative that fits, tried all my ductai/benelli ones to no avail, or know of a source of knuckles.

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Fine spline is for early bikes up to about '72, maybe '73 and applies to UK bikes too, same with gear shaft.  As for new knuckle, I know someone who bought one of the new knuckles from Ossaworld and it snapped straightaway. I'd look for an original used kickstart personally, there's one on ebay UK now which looks to be coarse spline. You need to look at the spline on your shaft and determine whether it's fine or coarse.



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