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Hi everyone. I’m coming from enduro scene and looking starring some trials. Just spend my time bimbling around and want to do something more specific and challenging. What sort of things do I need to be practicing and am I going to make a fool of myself if I just crack in with some events? 

Its a bit of a vague post but any help would be appreciated. I’m based nottingham way if anyone can recommend and groups/clubs or events




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I'm a pretty raw beginner so I think I know where you're coming from.

Of course you'll make a fool of yourself (if you think of it that way) but no-one's going to look down on you for it. It's just a part of the learning experience, and you'll find everyone is friendly and willing to offer advice.

What do you need to practice? Basic skills; and all you need for that is a bit of field or a gravel car park. Go super-slow, full lock turns, figures-of-8. Get a feel for moving your weight around and understanding what that does. Put down a small log and practice going over it and then immediately turning sharp left or right. Keep practising until all the basic stuff is second nature and requires no thought (I'm trying but not there yet by quite a long way). Perhaps the only basic skill that needs a proper practice area is going up and down banks, understanding how much throttle you need on the way up and how  much braking on the way down.

Don't wait too long before you go and enter an event. It's a different world from practising, but remember if you come up against something you don't like, you can just ask for a 5 and move on to the next section.

Go for it! It's the most fun you can have with your trousers on.

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No matter how bad you think you are, there will more than likely be someone the same level as you or possibly lower. Slow full lock turns using the clutch can never be mastered too much!

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There's a club trial at Earl Shilton Trials club on Sunday 1st April.

Why not come and have a look and get a feel for whats what.

Or you could join on the day and just have a go.

Very friendly club, that also runs monthly training days at a very reasonable cost which are a great help.

Club membership for practice is also available at the ground



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Yes deffo agree with crashmonkey, Worth coming to Earl Shilton. Enter on the day.

Dont think you need to join to ride but I would recommend  this club.

They have a trial every month all year round. 

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