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What did I buy?


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This popped up on craigslist, and was cheap enough for me to run and grab it. 

"403" fantic. Monoshock, disc front, drum rear. Engine cases say 247 cm3, so I'm guessing it's a 250. Lights work, seems to run well, but could use a reset...I'd like it to be more crisp off idle.


What do you guys think?


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53 minutes ago, Malky0020 said:

Not a fantic expert but I would say 301


Yep. No expert either but that’s what I would say. 247 cc but the model was the 301. 241 was 212cc, 201 was 156cc etc. 

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Welcome 6bt,

This is the Fantic part of the forum so you’re sure to get unbiased opinions! But really, they’re great bikes.

I agree about yours probably being a 301. First year for the mono shock and front disc (with a funky cable/hydraulic system). Pretty sure Fantics never got any bigger than 247cc

Mike at the  Tryals Shop has a lot of Fantic parts and knowledge plus he’s in your own backyard. If Mike doesn’t have it, there’s an insane amount of support available from the UK and a wealth of info here.

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Yes , pretty sure 301/250 was as big as they got. Fantics used to be good bikes. Lost their way a bit when things went water cooled, wish they were still making trials bike though. Used to look like this new.



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Probably the most popular brand back in their day, just about everything was Fantic, then for some reason the bubble burst and they disappeared, just like GasGas but they did not find a billionaire backer.


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Thanks for the info guys. I went to the tryals shop last weekend and met Mike. What a great helpful guy. Showed me his fantic parts manuals and spare parts, plus answered all my questions. I feel a lot better about it. I did notice my triple clamp was cracked, but found a replacement on eBay. 


How lean can you run these? Mine runs fairly rich. I'm used to jetting motocross bikes. I'd like to make mine run crisp, as I can get front wheel up, but it just blubbers past 1/3 throttle. Is it safe to jet it so it runs crisp through the whole rpm range without loading up, or is that too lean?

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