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‘18 popping out of gear

dan williams

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On 8/4/2018 at 12:58 PM, dan williams said:

Same as mine. Was awesome to start with. Now I’m slightly spooked. It’ll be a few weeks before I get the rest of the parts to try the cam follower with the smaller bearing but I’ll post once I get it all together.

My new to me Evo jumped out of gear twice last night, pretty frustrating.

I'll be following along.

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Cam follower arm with pin. First attempt at press fit and stake with punch to see if it’s reliable. Now to abuse it and see if I can pull the pin out. Is it reliable enough to put a bearing on? We’ll see. (edit) Nope, bearing pin too short for my comfort. Pulled out way too easy. Back to the drawing board and a longer pin that can be mashed with a press.

And a clutch holder tool. I love emachineshop. Couple hours on the computer, wait a week and custom tools appear!




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12 hours ago, guy53 said:

C'mon Dan, I think the rabbit's out of the hat, you do R&D for Beta !!!!!!!!


Shows all the factory bosses and top tech guys are fans of Trials Central and read of all the developments going on in sheds and garages and then stick them on the  following years bikes :D:P 

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