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KT250 Followed Me Home

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I picked up a totally original KT250 last Friday, something I didn't know still existed. With all of the TV shows where people doing "picking', I thought I'd never find another 100% original bike, ever.

The bike was a one owner that was bought in 1977 from a shop in Effingham, Illinois. Bike has 2081 miles and has been stored for many years.

Of course the tires are shot as well as the chain / sprockets. Plastic decent enough. Tank very nice with one small dent near left knee area. Has lights. Seat good. Piston was stuck, however.

After a days soaking with PB Blaster, the piston freed and cycles nicely. Bore shows minimal wear and is stock size.

I'm thinking minimal investment will have her going soon. Only problem now is the carb.

It's a stock unit and the slide is frozen. I've been using PB Blaster on this as well without luck. I don't see any signs of calcium buildup or anything. She's just stuck.

Any ideas to free it up? The bike came with the original title and I'm having thoughts of getting plates for it.

Thanks, Herman


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I expected the slide to be awful or the body scarred, but they both look great. Going to have to soak the carb thoroughly.

I always liked the styling of the KT.

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I'm waiting on the lower end. A friend took it to a former Bultaco mechanic to split the cases and switch out the main bearings. 

Remember how badly I botched the RL? Haha

The rest of the 191 is ready to go. 

Here's surprise: a friend just imported an Ossa 303 in red and a 250 Gripper in Orange. He'll have the 250 at Dayton this weekend.

He's looking into bringing in two more orange grippers for my Fantic riding friend. One of those Grippers may end up in my stable.

You or any of the SITT guys going to Dayton?

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Buttoned up the top end and installed the pipe, sans silencer as its not painted yet.

Gassed it up and several kicks produced nothing. Pulled plug and grounded while kicking-no spark.

started thinking about possible ignition issues when it hit me: these things have ignition keys, so I clicked it on and third kick she fired up and ran fine. 

Air boot arrived today and I managed to peel the stock tires off. Nothing like a 42 year old tire on a cold day. Both came off easier than expected and it appears they've never been off. In fact I don't think these wheels have ever been removed.

Story was the original owner was a farmer and judging from the price paid on the title in 1977-499 bucks, he got a deal on a farm bike he couldn't pass up.

im just going to throw on a couple of old tires I have and enjoy the old girl as a trial / trail riding day bike.

pics to follow once I get her cleaned up.

funny, just before I found this bike I was thinking about several years ago when I was able to find a couple of bone stock ty250s and how things have changed. These tv shows have made everyone a picker and the pickings are slim now and how I was sad that I'd probably never find another original bike like that...

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