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Get your son to try getting on any of them big or small wheel. These youngsters go through growth bursts, you put them to bed one night and in the morning they dont fit the bed or their clothes anymore?Are you after a Trials or M/X bike, you might be able to find a bike with both sets of wheels just make dure all the relevant bits are there to actually allow the swap from one set to another. Warning....these types of bikes get knackered pretty quickly by not being serviced or even checked over.

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2 minutes ago, b40rt said:

Colin ? Best to go to a few trials and ask for a shot on the type your thinking of, although as above, a big wheel will probably be a better bet.    

Yes, you guessed right RT.  Looking at either a Beta or Gas Gas for him.  As comparison but I know it's not the same his mountain bike is junior frame with 26" wheels and can handle that ok.  Seen kids the same size or smaller on big wheel but wasn't sure if they got used to control on med wheel first before moving up.

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Hi cheneycol, I've got a 9 year old who's about  4ft6in can manage medium wheel Beta 80 bit on the big side plus it's tricky for him to start. He can play on the bike but no way would he mange anything technical.

 My 13 about 5ft 2in  year old can handle the big wheel 80 with ease but would struggle on a full size bike even though he's more than able.

Frankly the big wheel would do most adults great bike and far better kit than the wee beta.

Hope this helps.



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1 hour ago, jackyma09 said:

Based on your son's height and age, a medium-wheel 80cc bike would be a good choice for fun riding.

For info only, the last couple of posts you have commented on are old so probably not worth your efforts 

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