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  1. Cheneycol

    Road registration

    I did mine earlier in the year. Needed a NOVA, ended up speaking to very helpful guy on the phone and sorted it there & then, then VMCC to date it, daytime MOT and all sorted. Got it registered as 1980.
  2. I'm new to trials and bought a 200 Fantic. Does everything I want it to and is capable of more than I can chuck at it. I'm approx 90kg with my gear on and it doesn't struggle. I've moved the pegs which helps but that's all.
  3. Cheneycol

    Marzocchi fork bush.

    Do you have a drawing you can send me with sizes? I'm in Edinburgh and have a machine shop. Pretty sure I could help out if I can get some material.
  4. Just fitted a pair of S3's to mine. As previously said needed to make brackets, plates to relocate them, shorten brake pedal and move side stand.
  5. Cheneycol

    Fantic 240

    Contact Martin 2t-offroad 07921786450 He's over Fife direction.
  6. Jake Whitelaw, Mobile Spark.
  7. I've got one to make for mine as well and plan on using stainless rod. Shouldn't be a problem.
  8. Straight forward. Careful if you have to hit anything with a mallet. I replaced the main bearings and seals at the same time for piece of mind. Worth checking the kickstart gear for damage and maybe move it round a bit so it engages on different teeth.
  9. I just replaced mine as exactly the same had happened. Ended up getting a NOS part from Germany.
  10. Cheneycol

    Show Us Your Ty

    Before & after pics. Just about finished. Some fine tuning to do and in time will re-chrome the fork tubes.
  11. Hi, Can anybody tell me if the shock length is the same for the standard TY80 and the Big Wheel Whitehawk 80? It's got non standard shocks at moment and looking to replace them. Another question, does anybody run a 21" front wheel on theirs? It's had a 18" rear fitted but still got the 20" front usual tyre issues! Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the advice. Looking at a Gas Gas TXT70 Rookie. I know about the parts issues but looks a low hours honest bike.
  13. Not been on a bike for a bit but would probably get back into it pretty quickly. Just concerned he'd outgrow a med wheel too quickly.
  14. Yes, you guessed right RT. Looking at either a Beta or Gas Gas for him. As comparison but I know it's not the same his mountain bike is junior frame with 26" wheels and can handle that ok. Seen kids the same size or smaller on big wheel but wasn't sure if they got used to control on med wheel first before moving up.
  15. Looking at bikes for my son but looking for some advice on size. He's coming up 9 and 4' 11". Unsure whether to go big wheel or med wheel 80cc. Not interested in classes or serious competing, more for fun. Thanks.
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