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Left hand brake pedal


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Sorry no,  when the bike was built I was told reverting to a left hand rear brake would work better, and to facilitate this the bike builder had an ugly steel  after market one fitted. When back in his workshop recently I saw a nice alloy version , that I was told was avaliable from bultaco and fitted to models in the past or as an aftermarket part. Thats the one I am after or at a push I will get my friendly engineer to make one...

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yes rocking horse pooh. I had an alloy one but not sure if it was left or right, will look. Only advantage is a rod can be fitted which gives a far superior brake using the standard hub.

Ive changed to a yamaha hub so get rh rod.

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Well I am hoping that someone might have got fed up and converted to the more normal RHS and have one spare.... its not easy jumping from bike to bike and then forgetting which side the back brake is on...

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Maybe I'm a little special? Ive never had an issue jumping from bike to bike, left or right gear shift, race pattern box or standard. Although I do have to admit to thinking for the first lap on my '68 TSS right hand shift and upside down,  1 up 4 down

The most excitement for me comes from jumping from one of my modern bikes to an old bike and realising the brakes don't work!




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9 hours ago, gooey said:

Hi, theres one on ebay now.

If you mean item # 264418176169 on eBay UK,  that's right side fitting, and steel........

What the OP wants is an alloy LEFT side lever :-


like this one removed from my model 159, and shown here with an alloy right side lever of the type which would have been fitted to his 199A originally.

I think most of these alloy levers were replaced from choice with aftermarket steel fabricated levers - seems metisse is going the other way !


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additional info.
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