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Andy your superb work with the Scottish Six days  website will be missed by all of us, i totally  understand the reason as the hours you put into the website is unbelievable, i don't think joe public actually realise how much work you did during the 10 days you are in Fort William, not only keeping the scores up to date but the fantastic pictures you took on a daily basis, i really hope you will be heading up to Fort William even if it is only for a few days, i for one will miss the banter if your not there, thank you for all your work over the years my friend         

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On behalf of the Edinburgh & District MC I would like to thank Andy for the 30 years of time dedication and expertise he has given the SSDT. Andy first became involved with the Scottish Six Days way back in 1989 when, as an employee of NCR (National Cash Registers) then the main trial sponsor, he was tasked with the ground-breaking deed of upgrading the SSDT results system from good old pen and paper to fully computerised. To this end, Andy devised, implemented and oversaw the implementation of this all-important backroom task for many years, before moving on to set up the dedicated Scottish Six Days website which he then hosted, looked after and upgraded over the years. There is no doubt that Andy has been an important part of the event over the last 30years. We wish Andy the best of luck in his new ventures.

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