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Berlingo WAV suitable transport


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Tempted to get one of the wheelchair adapted vehicles for trials transport. They're probably better looked after than vans.Does anyone use one. This may be more practical for me than a van. All comments welcome. Picture would be great.

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No direct experience but a similar question was asked on the VW Caddy forum recently, a wheelchair user pointed out that the quality of conversions differ significantly. Some have drafts, leaks and are noisy, others aren't any different to own than the original vehicle. You might need to test drive both standard and converted.

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yeah i've used a mk1 berlingo 1400 for the last 8years, and just bought a 10 plate berlingo 1600 diesel to update transport. makes life ultra easy to load bike, only carries one, corner to corner and having lowered floor gives you better headroom over std vehicle. note most wav berlingo's only have 3 seats, thinking of turning mine into a micro campervan so it can be multi use and can make a cuppa. friend bought a peugot partner car unmodified so he's got seats for his family but harder to get bike in! in the later models seats are quickly detachable but obviously you need somewhere to store them, when not used.




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On 8/1/2020 at 7:37 PM, anotherfive said:

Thanks all esp trialman. Does it go in backwards or forewards

I put mine in forwards, as ramp makes it a doddle, I wedge front up corner by drivers seat[ think you could do it behind passenger seat] as I'm left handed?? ramp stops it rolling and 1 strap is all thats needed. my 2010 model seems to be 8inch longer  than 2000 model, but both work realy well, think the later one would take two bikes, one forwards and one backwards.

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