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17 hours ago, dan929 said:

Front man is Danny Butler, good bloke, pretty much that daft most of the time and is a very good rider, but probably better know in the cycle trials world 





I know Danny, decent fella and doesn't take himself too serious. Amazing cycle trials rider and entertainer, pretty good on a motorbike too. I guess "Trials Tube" is a new venture for him so settling into a style which will probably end up being a bit like Marmite. Personally anything that helps to put trials on the map is a winner in my eyes.

My feedback is, keep it light, entertaining and informative, but not silly and fall into the trap of "Top Gear" where the presenters just lark about like daft kids. I'm not a fan of totally straight laced boring presentation but I don't like the totally pointless daft stuff either.

keep it current and on key, with useful information without being too clever,  a good mix is key in my eyes.

Good luck Danny in this venture

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13 hours ago, johnnyboxer said:

The Christmas special with the Yam TYZ feature was great

Saw that one and the promise of some old and new bikes, being reviewed with kit and tools being looked at was enough to make me subscribe. What else have we got to do!

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