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Knee Protection


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Hello Millwright,

I have been using the Ossur CTI braces for about 5 years. They used to have an advert in the TMX.  I think the MX riders have a lot more problems than trial riders.

(Össur’s innovative designs and materials help create some of the worlds’ most advanced knee braces) Their are other makes but I do not have any experience with them.

The first time I wore them I remember riding back to the van at the end of the trial (Reliance NBBR) with a smile as wide as a cheshire cat. I had gone from thinking it was time to quit to knowing I could keep riding and enjoy it.

I ruptured my ACL for the second time in 2015. The surgeon said I was too old for a reconstruction in 2010.  I have tested by knee on numerous occasions since only to have the braces save the day. In fact I think they have saved a broken leg on at least one occasion.

If I ever forget to take them with me to a trial I will offer to observe and give up my ride. That's how important I feel they are. 

I don't use my braces for walking or riding my road or mountain bikes.

Good luck hope you have similar success :)

Mike D



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If you can justify spending the money, then get the Ossur CTI braces - they are the absolute Rolls Royce option.

I wear Asterix Cell braces both for trials and for trail riding. I find them good, they give plenty of protection to my 65yr-old knees and have undoubtedly saved me from a number of injuries.

Having managed to steal my son's CTIs for a ride though, I think that is what my next pair will be.


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Partially torn ACL, repeatedly re-torn.  I wear Asterisk Cell Ultra 2.0's for offroading and trials.  While they won't absolutely prevent a hyperextension, especially if you come off the back going up an obstacle, they will reduce the extent.   Been wearing Asterisks since the original tear in early 2007.  I've been able to keep riding as a result, with no surgery.

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Worn them around half a dozen times take a little time to put on i wear a full length sleeves under the braces and have had to get some baggier trials trousers, The braces make my knee seem nice and secure and once i start riding i don't notice I've got them on very happy with them.


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