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  1. IRCs available now bought 2 last week check with your dealer.
  2. Get a bar raiser set you can raise the bars in increments until your happy Apico do one.
  3. Try 5w and raise the level a little it will soften them up and the raised level will help stop them bottoming out.
  4. I tore my medial knee ligament when a big dab went wrong at 70+ my doctor told me to stop doing silly things after advice from this Forum i bought a pair of Ossur CTI braces i,m riding regularly with no problems they are a bit expensive but are worth every penny.
  5. I'm 72 started trialling 4 years ago one of the attractions of Pre 65 was i could build the bike myself plus doing 90% of the work my self kept the cost down my main expense was a rigid Drayton frame. 3peed Bantam engine suitable moded by myself in a 8x12 shed equipped with a Chinese lathe pillar drill and welding bottles building and developing this machine has kept me sane during covid i usually ride at least once a week i have a lot of fun and am not going to bother the winners but now I'm labelled a cheat riding a cheat machine maybe I'm a cheat rider as well since tearing knee ligaments and being told I'm to old for knee surgery i wear a carbon fibre and titanium knee brace definitely not Pre 65 . The system we have works well there's some fabulous machines out there to ride original Pre 65 bike only would make it a elitist sport with very few events and bikes costing a fortune just enjoy what you've got just get out and ride your bike and if you really want to enjoy it do what i did and move North.
  6. Worn them around half a dozen times take a little time to put on i wear a full length sleeves under the braces and have had to get some baggier trials trousers, The braces make my knee seem nice and secure and once i start riding i don't notice I've got them on very happy with them.
  7. I've bought a pair of OSSUR CTI knee braces hope to try them on the bike next week.
  8. More oil = better piston sealing = more torque i run 30/1 Putoline MX5 in my Bantam back in the day my Maico 125 road race ran 16/1 Castrol R40 got 2nd fastest through the TT speed trap. Be careful what oil you use some of the latest oils are designed for water-cooled engines running at 60c air cooled engines run a lot hotter the max temperature i have found on the exhaust port on my Bantam is 180c.
  9. Having just torn my medial collateral ligament for the second time in 12 months not on the bike this time but spinning round in the house Has anyone any experience trialing wearing knee braces.
  10. Scott leathers do a cordura loose fitting trials trouser.
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