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Gasgas water pump seal correct way


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Well known problem. It's because the shaft is worn at the seal contact point.. A new seal alone often wont fix it.  G-G metal not very high grade, so it wears the shaft metal. You can usually feel the wear with your finger nail.  You have to replace shaft too. G-G sell a it as a water pump overhaul  kit.  You won't have done your new seal much good, so best fit another one when you replace the shaft. Grease it with marine waterpump grease while you are at it.  

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Confirmed the seal is correct. 

Some checks you can do; 

Run the engine without the rad cap on and see if any bubbles appear, if they do then you will be getting extra pressure in the cooling system and the water gets forced passed the pump seal. The Cyl-Head O-rings will need replacing. 

Make sure the rad cap breather is clear and the pipe is not kinked, when the water heats up the extra pressure can't vent out so again the water gets forced passed the pump seal. 

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