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Evo Linkage Guard


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Evening All

Has anyone fitted one of these Jitsie rear suspension linkage guards?  What does it attach to - rear engine bolt? and under sumpguard? and has anyone fitted one to a newer Evo (2020 4T)
Thanks in advance for any answers. 



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I just had a look under my 2010 evo 4t 250.... I can't see any obvious place except perhaps onto the linkage bolts themselves - not sure how far between the sides of the bracket on your guard, but they look quite large diameter holes, so maybe?

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Thanks for the info guys. Someone told me that the linkage guard comes standard on the newer 2 stroke EVO but not on the 4 stroke 

Us four stroke Beta riders been left out again. 

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Good old cable ties. I gave up in the end and bought a genuine Beta one (£9.75) that’s for 2T but fits straight onto 4T only had to trim a piece off rear of rubber cushion between sumpguard and engine. 




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