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Which one vintage trials bike?


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Being "vintage" myself, I decided to go the vintage path in trial bikes. 

(Innately I asked about 90's Fantic, and received helpful information, but I think my heart is the vintage design and look) By vintage I mean air cooled bikes. 

I'm 6'0 tall and weight about 165lb. Looking for a fun trail bike to learn the basic and maybe in the future to participate in the category of vintage trials bike races.

My main concern is getting spare parts for the bike. I'm locate in the US.

From what I read the main 2 option are Yamaha TY125 or Honda TLR reflex. 

From the to option above- any year engine combo recommendation?  

Did I miss other bike option? I don't mind if the bike is street legal. I even prefer not. 

Thank you in advanced! 


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For me; I'd go for a Fantic 200 or 240, nice and light with good handling. The ones I owned "back in the day" were as reliable as the Yamahas' and Hondas'..

Once you get used to it the kick starter it is much easier to use than the conventional ones.

I have no idea about parts in the US, but getting bits from around the world these days is pretty good.

Honda TLR250 would be best, Yam TY175, nice and light, and can be setup really well, with some careful research.

SWM twin shocks were also really good in their time, along with Montessas', and Bultacos'.

Without knowing you fitness, off road experience, etc, I would suggest go for; light, nimble, with predictable power, and good breaks. Most of the bikes are pretty reliable as long as they were/are serviced properly.

Good luck with your search

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I consider myself in good fit, but lack any experience in trials riding. Back in the day I had an enduro bike (KLX200). So I defiantly looking for an easy start. 

It seems the Yamaha TY's are very hard to find where I live. The Honda's pop up from time to time. There are few nice Honda Reflex which priced high- average of $3500.

There is a nice looking Fantic 301 from 1986 at $2500 or best offer. 

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5 hours ago, tony27 said:

Personally at 6 foot tall I'd say the TY175 will be too small for you

I'm 5'10, on my TY 175 the pegs are down and back and the bars up ... without those changes yes it would be too small for me!  Thing is, it's much lighter than the TY 250 but with the same Yamaha parts availability.

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That's the reason I ride the 250 which also has relocated pegs & modified top yoke to get the bars in a more modern position, a friend has a 175 Majesty that I find cramped, he's ridden my 250 & he is trying to duplicate the riding position down to spacing out the footpegs by around 25mm on 1 side & 50mm on the other which brings them out to modern widths & makes the bike feel more balanced

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  • 7 months later...

Others have said this, but the ty175 does feel cramped. I'm 5' 10" and about 160lbs.

That said, i think it's a better bike than the 250.

I swapped my forks for a set from a 250, which you might consider if you go that route. 


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A TY175 is only good for taller riders with the full smorgasbord of mods.  At 5'10 I have the footpegs down and back, longer swingarm, handlebars raised (both at the yoke and the bars themselves) and it's about the same ergonomically as my Sherco.


If I had a do-over I'd go for a bike that doesn't need anything much changing, or I'd skip to an aircooled mono

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