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1979 Sherpa T 250


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I've had a look in Historia De La Sherpa T (The Story) and the bike it looks most like is a M190 (September 1976 to Febuary 1977). Only thing that makes me wonder about it though is the rear loop, looks longer than that on the M190, maybe a hybrid?

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Not a 190. You're confusing it with a 198. Definitely a 158.

BTW 198/199 had a rear mudguard loop. 198/199A and B variants did not.

A 198/9 had red mudguards and a black motor and a different airbox. 198/9 A & B variants had blue tanks.

The seat on this bike is wrong. Pity 'cause the correct seat's on ebay presently.

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Its a 77 model as its got slots in the sump plate area, 76 models had very small holes in this area? nice bike but ruined somewhat with the crossover arangement with the gear / rear brake pedals?

shame about the seat needs original cover and foam to really set it off (ive got the foam for this model in my garage!)

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