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Switching from a 4RT to an Evo 200


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I’m noodling around with potentially switching my 2021 4RT to a new 2022 Evo Factory 200.

Only ride 1-2 times a month in club trials.

What I love about the Montesa is the reliability, build quality, ease (except oil filter change…) of routine maintenance and (of course) the sound at full bore. And hard to stall in sections at 1800rpm tickover. The other big (big) selling point is the resale on the 4RT. I had my last one for 5 years and literally sold it for £1500 less than I paid for it new. The weight doesn’t bother me either as it’s really planted and I’m not bouncing the thing around or anything!!

Onto the Beta. I love the look and style. But will it disappoint me on reliability, build quality and resale? I’m sure it’ll be sweet as to ride, but the above points are really important to me. I need to be able to ride occasionally, clean/basic maintenance and then fire up first kick next time around.

Thanks in advance for any views - especially from anyone who’s made a similar move.

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I've been riding Beta Evo 200 & 300cc models. Currently have '21 Evo 200 Factory and have '22 Evo 250 Factory on order. As much as I like the 200; I'm ready to try out the 250. Experience so far, tells me that the 200 is plenty of machine, but requires a bit more technique; whereas the 300 seems to have instant power to get up the bigger obstacles and overkill for my Intermediate lines. Will see how the 250 works out.

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I had a raga300. Brutal. It kicked my ass! Got a rev3 200. Perfect. Could do anything I wanted to. Ran perfectly. No reliability issues. Got an Ossa 280. Loved it. Dare not break it so sold and got an evo300. I had to spend money to calm it and it was still never the right bike for my skill. Now I have a 21 Evo factory 250. Really loving it. Easy to ride. Fun. Never a handful. I’d still very happily get another 200 though. They hold their value as rare. Just look after it. Use super unleaded as the e10 fuel goes manky if you don’t ride often. Everything feels incredibly natural on a 200 and it’ll only teach you good habits. It won’t punish you for bad habits either. 

A 4t trials bike doesn’t appeal to me. 2t is the only way. 

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I just changed from a '20repsol to a '22 GG TXT 250Pro. 

I did 60hr in the Repsol, couldn't really adapt to it, great bike but the switch to 2/ has been a correct choice. If you look after any bike it will be reliable, depreciation... Thanks a different story

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I recently picked up a used Beta Evo 200, I only have about 3 hours on it but I am very pleased. My last two bikes have been 250cc (TRS and Sherco) and I do not feel like I gave up anything power wise. The 200 is super smooth, climbs hills, pops the front right over logs, chugs great and does not even think about stalling. It had a 9 tooth front so i went back to the stock 10/42 and that is where it will stay.

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