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As mentioned by woody, it will be jetted out of the box.  I’m using one on my 199b.  I richened the needle one position and went one pilot size larger.   Mine runs crisp and is nicely responsive.  I felt out of the box it was perhaps a bit lean.  But could just be my climactic conditions.  

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34 minutes ago, Old Gezzer said:

Just a question relative to this post. Where in the UK is the place to get a Genuine OKO Carb from Please?

Nowhere in the UK, available from Scooter Assassins in Taiwan from their ebay shop, but no longer the cheap option they were, now almost £100. Anything for sale in the UK for substantially cheaper are copies

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On 12/16/2022 at 8:46 PM, rumptons said:

On this subject I am rebuilding a Bultaco198B what settings (jets) will be needed with a OKO carb? Thanks in advance.

As per the 198 from the original post, they are the same engine. New they come with 112 main and 48 pilot and K44 needle. They run well straight off on these settings so it's just a case of a small tweak on individual bikes to get to how you want it, maybe 50 pilot and drop the needle a notch. Some use JJH needle which is slightly weaker low down, I can't really notice any difference, dropping the K44 seems to achieve the same


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