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Trials all weather jacket


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Just seeing what everybody uses for jacket whilst riding, I’m looking at the jitsie glow jacket at the moment, sounds like a good jacket 

windproof, waterproof, also has a hood so use whilst out and about. Just after some advice. It’s not the cheapest but only the same as a walking jacket big brands. 

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I don’t there is such a thing as “all weather”. Depending on temperature I wear a trials shirt, t-shirt + trials shirt or t-shirt + trials shirt + fleece. If it’s likely to rain I add an impermeable light boil-in-the-bag jacket, but in truth I just don’t ride if the weather is too wet and unpleasant.

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There is always a trade off, totally waterproof tends to lend itself to uncomfortable. I prefer to wear a Gore-Tex type jacket, design specifically for outdoor sports. These tend to be the lightest and most comfortable and offer the best protection. However decent ones can be expensive and need some care to keep them in good condition. 

But I think its worth it if you are riding nationals/road trials where you go from being hot from exertion to cold from just riding along inbetween sections. 

I recently went on a hundred mile trail ride on my enduro bike there was a lot of road work but also lots of tough and technical tracks. The weather was awful and rained quite heavy, my Gore-Tex jacket was a god send! It kept me dry and warm but was light and breathable enough not to be too uncomfortable when I was really exerting.  I paid over £300 for it and for days like that it was worth every penny.  

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This is a never-ending one, and you’re likely to have a collection of jackets based on weather and seasons.


On green lanes on the trail bike it’s become the norm for me to have a modular system of layers to give the freedom to keep warm enough or cool enough while remaining protected from the rain. There’s been no ‘perfect’ jacket for anything more than one half of each season (too hot/cold/wet)  


Currently on the trials bike now that the weather is naff, I’m practicing in an old Hebo-made soft shell. It is vented under the arms and lightweight. Treated with waterproofing it takes a long time to wet-out. The downside is it can be a bit warm for the static practicing.


All the same, until we’re on the other side of winter, the soft shell is my go-to jacket. 

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For trials in the rain I used to use an army surplus goretex top over a long sleeved t-shirt and it worked perfectly for keeping dry at a pleasant temperature.  I still use the goretex top when I need to commute through thunder storms* and it's great for that, too!

*the annual rainfall here is about the same as in the UK, it just tends to happen all at once

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