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2020 Montesa 4rt 260 side stand spring orientation


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Been fitting my swing arm protectors. I had to take the side stand off to fit my swing arm protectors. I thought this would have been a ten minute job. The drive side was just two bolts but the side stand side was a nightmare. Unless I was being totally stupid it appears you have to undo the side stand pivot bolt to create space to get a socket on the two m8 bolts that hold the stand to the swingarm. I don't have a spring puller so had to refit springs first then lever side stand back into position and get pivot bolt through. I spent a whole hour trying to line up this pivot bolt as I couldn't get it to thread into the threaded section of the side stand. It went straight in without the tension of the spring but was an absolute dog of a job with spring in situ. Eventually got it in but am now worried if I've got the spring orientation correct. The springs (one fits inside the other) look very close to the tyre. Does it matter which way round they go? The thought of doing it again is painful. Why the m8 bolts aren't Allen hex heads I don't know as they would be easier to access without having to undo the pivot bolt.



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10 hours ago, jrsunt said:

I’m pretty sure that’s the right way. I usually take the stand off completely, saves some weight and there’s usually something around to park the bike on

I hope it's the right way. I am reluctant to do it again. I've always been a fan of side stands as I was tired of scrubbing off the grip marks on the side of my vans where I use to lean my bike against it. 

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