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325 Or 340?


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Can some of the experts give an opinion on the difference in power delivery of the 199A (325) and 199B (340) sherpas?. I've been told that the 325 is a bit sharper but surely a couple of cc,s doesn't make all that much difference?.

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I am no expert but this is how I think it is. The 340 was developed as a progression of the 325, it had better gear ratios and a torquier motor. Alot of guys said that vesty had a 325 barrel on his but only legs will be able to give you the real story.

Generally a well sorted 325 or 340 will give much the same retro performance in the sections. I run a high comp head on mine and if you like it quick you can machine a fair bit of the flywheels. Setting up a bing takes a bit of trouble but worth it.

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Thanks for that. I've seen a young chap in a few t/s trials sometimes on a 340 but mostly on a 325 'cos he finds the sharper 325 power delivery suits his style better.

His 340 has the top mountings for the rear shocks mounted forward from standard and using M10 or 12 bolts screwing into bosses, special swinging arm mounting plates which put the pivot almost touching the back of the gearbox and a beautifully welded oval section swinging arm. He says it gets far more grip than the standard 325 frame and that his dad has something somewhere about the mods being done by the guy who welded the Beamish Suzuki or Whitehawk frames. Any info on this one?.

PS. I think he said the welding was done by Mike Whitlock?.

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post-795-1144662839.jpgI have just aquired this 199b at the weekend, the power delivery is awesome !

far snappier than my 199a, but still smooth !

Could be a bit special this one, I am checking into the history with Dave Renham to see if it is a Comerfords bike, or a copy.

Needs some TLC before I unleash it on the Classic Series !

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Whats the barrel off? Might be my eyesight but the exhaust port looks to be on the left instead of the right. If so definately a "special".

Frame looks fairly standard as much as you can see from a photo but would like to know if it's my eyes or that barrel looks like it came off "something" else.

Any chance of a close up?

My 340 is much softer on the power delivery than my old 325. Suits me as i'm pretty crap and getting on a bit.

Wonder why Dave Renham doesnt market a "Comerfords Conversion Kit"

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Been talking to mr Renham who says his records show the engine was prepared

for Rob shepherd.

He is unsure of the frame and is still checking (engine & frame have different numbers).

There is a photo of Vesty in the book spanish trials bikes (going up a water fall) with the back end modified exactly the same.

It has definatly not got one of the box section swing arms in, but it rides so well that i think its been done by some one who knew what he was doing !!

It seems to have caused a stir anyway !!!

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ps. I think this will perform better than the Majesty Woody !!!

Bugger.... :thumbup:

Swingarm does look like the standard box section 340 job though, can see the threaded insert in front of the shock mounting. The 40 or so Commerfords bikes had an oval section swingarm and the pre-199b bikes all had round section arms (I think)

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