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Bultaco Beauty.


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thats well nice thanks for sharing it with us I've just bought a 6 speeder 350T so this pic will give some good reference to go on when I do it up, just love to see these old bike being done up and used as well

nice one :D

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If it belongs to who I think it does, it gets ridden in the right type of events and was ridden at Bootle Classic. It wasn't ridden in the SSDT - the trial is a bit beyond the capabilities of twinshocks in places these days.

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Head gasket went on Tuesday (very unusual for a TYZ - but if it is going to happen to anyone....) so that put me out of the trial. Got back to parc ferme and fitted a new one and rode again Wed/Thur under exclusion but had overheating problems again on Thurs afternoon which made me late. Had to retire for good on Friday. Gutted.

Oh yes, fried the clutch on Monday's moors too, so had to fit a new one Tues morning in the half-hour prep slot. Just did it...

At least I finished the Pre65 so was happy with that. Lucky to even start that due to the traumas of rebuilding the C15 motor which I finished at 11am on the Thursday morning. Left here at 3pm and signed on in Kinlochleven at 8.59pm.....

Nick retired on Wednesday with suspected food poisoning or a bug of some sort.

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Hi: Yes I cut the mudguard here too short, but unfortunately the new original ones are quite expensive, so I will better keep it like this.

Patrick, that is a nice one too, and looks original.

Model 49 was built between october 1968 and april 1971 and there were made a total of 4706 units, so it is not difficult to find them still. The difficult one is model 27

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