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  1. I had also problems with slightly leaking oil. the copy of the gaskets are not good. Bad quality around. maybe only one producer today. I could fix it with black 300 grade heat resisting silicon added from outside between head and cylinder. the power is top, so leak came from the chain housing. Best regards HondaPat, Swiss
  2. Hy 4 RT fans. I could test both 300 RR and 260 RT yesterday in Switzerland. I'm a Clubmen rider, happy with my 1st series 4RT since 10 years (only changed oil), but mostly Twinshock mounted (Honda TL and TLR 250, last time at Ventoux Classic Trial 2015 in the red line). The new bigger gas pump ist felt on the 260 and I like the more tricky Tech settings. The engine is smooth, torquey and pulls nicely, clearly much better than my old 250 RT. The switch turned to 2 (soft) could be felt in higher revs, a bit less aggressiv, but no big deal in the 10 min test, maybe in the mud is more difference. Now the 300 RR. Wow, a big smile instantly at my face. This is really a great power bomb, very torquey, power like a works bike, you could do almost every thing in 3 rd gear, a great sensation in hill climbs, but I don't feel, this is too agrressiv (ok, I'm 90 kg). It becomes my new dream and want to have. But it costs CHF 10200 (about GBP 7000) against the CHF 7200 of the 260 inclusive the about CHF 400 nice seat for trail. hmm....Fortunately, the 300 RR is already sold out in Switzerland, so my bank account remains as it is...at least for another year... Grüsse Honda Pat
  3. Hy Chappo I think the slow jet 20 is wrong, should be about 42 or 45. Would explain, why it only runs with the choke. New jets are always to recommend. Make sure ab out the original size, can maybe deviate 1 number, if different air box is fitted. don't think the 4 or 7mm makes a big difference, but 4mm seems to be good (used on my Sherpa M49 250cc with new electronic ignition) good luck, Pat
  4. Hy TL 250 riders After riding 6 years Falcons 40cm (original is 38cm), I bought 40cm Betor aluminiums at Sammy Miller Products or tytrials.co.uk, with the softer 40lb springs. They are great and good value for the money. 150£ I think. I'm 90kg (lighter than the 102kg of the good old TL250). Oh, I forgot, the 40cm will have a problem with the original silencer, so needs another (lighter) solution. Using the same Betors but 36cm for my Bultaco M49. Keep the 4 Strokers alive! Patrick
  5. Ok, great, thanks a lot for the 2 adresses. Do you know the correct jettings for main an slow jet?
  6. Hello Cub Riders Thanks a lot for you Dellorto recs. I would like to go for the Amal to keep it original. Where can I get a prejetted one? preferably with an internet adress? Best regards Pat
  7. Hy Have same problem. I bought a XL 250/350 kicker in ebay and changed the base with the TL 250 Kicker. This worked for 2 years, but now the base almost broke. Had to weld on some new metal and scratch it. Not so pretty, but it works again. Good luck Pat
  8. Hi, My friend Walter bought a Tiger Cub 200 with the old (original) carb, which does not seem to run well. He would like to mount a new but Pre65 (Scottish) eligible carb, maybe an Amal 622. What do you recommend? Where can I order one already jetted for a 200cc Cub? Plus manifold. What about the heat protection, distance to the cylinder? Otherwise, what about a new Oko 22 flatsilde for clubtrials? Which jetting there? Thanks for some hints. Patrick from Switzerland
  9. Hy, I used a manifold from inmotion.co.uk on a 250cc Sherpa M49. Jetting is 110 main and 45 slow, but on a 24mm Oko I guess yours should have higher jetting for the 325. Hope you get a reply from a T325 user. Bettter to start on the lean side and then go richer. Good Luck Pat
  10. trial pat

    rear shocks

    Hy, I'm in the same situation. I'm very happy with my Falcons on the Honda TL 250 and the Magicals look great, but I don't know which configuration would be the optima for my M49 Bulto. My favourite at the moment would be from Sammy Miller Betor SM Pro Shocks for
  11. trial pat

    Carb for M80

    What about an Oko carb? http://www.twnclub.ch/classic_trial_files/patrick%20BultoM49_files/M49_tuning.htm runs better than the Amal, starts easily Happy Xmas Pat
  12. Very nice Honda! Oh, so you changed the forks.. I was hoping to learn about some improvements for the original ones. I think My TL 250 usese the same as the RS. I'm looking since years for progressive fork springs to replace the old 2 ones: very thin 22mm diameter only and 55cm long (tube is 33mm, but very thick and heavy). Anybody can give me a hint? Best regards from Switzerland Patrick
  13. Hy Bulto fans After 2 hours trial & error I'm quite sattisfied with with my M49 (1968): 45 slow and 110 main jet, air screw 1 3/4 on the 24 Oko. Feels quite strong and does no more shut the engine on down hills without gas. Next will be a club trial and check the spark plug for the colour. Maybe also experiment with the needle position to optimise. Grüsse aus der Schweiz Patrick PS: Habe USD 80 inkl. Post in ebay bezahlt, kam in einer Woche von Taiwan. Plus CHF 40 für 2 Düsensätze . Weiss nicht, wieviel ein Dellorto so kostet.
  14. I did some trial and errror, just moving in small steps and try in the same section to find the best timing... Regards Pat
  15. Hy Ross Thanks for the hint. I will keep it in my mind as a starting point, if the 120, 45 used for 250 Gas Gas does not work. Regards Pat
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