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Does anyone out there have a TY250Z two stroke aluminum frame Yamaha trials bike? What do you think of it. Is the engine the same as the Yamaha 4 GG - AxC = 74x58 on the new Scorpa? Does anyone know why it was discontinued, or where it was available?


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How about a Chrome Moly framed TYZ with a sidecar. This is ridden by two of our local riders and have who a number of Australian Championships on this including the current title, so the bike may be past it for solo but it is still setting the pace in sidecars.

As a point of interest the whole frame including sidecar only weighs around 2 kg more than the solo frame it replaced. it has done around 5 or 6 years of sidecar work and I don't believe it has ever cracked. When you see what these guys ride it is amazing.


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Yes I have a 4GG TY250Z here in Sunny Queensland, Australia. They were available here in OZ from 1993 to 1995 but very few were sold due to the incredibly high price compared with other contemporary trials bikes. Production was discontinued because Yamaha sold so few of them. The TY250Z has many hand made and imported (into Japan) components which could not be sourced from the Yamaha parts bin so the production cost must have been quite high.

There are at least two other TY250Zs still ridden in competition her in Queensland and I know of three others that have been for sale her in Queensland in the past few years.

Yes the motor is the same as the Scorpa SY250 except when the change was made to hydraulic clutch on the SY250. This involved modifying the clutch actuating arm so it was a push rather than a pull to suit a slave cylinder.

I have seen TY250Zs advertised recently in the UK but not in the USA. They were popular in Japan.

As far as I know there is only one of them in Indonesia. Mine was imported second hand from Japan in 1998. It is a 1993 model and I recently took the head off for the first time for a decoke. It didn't even need rings. The head had never been off before. The clutch requires servicing annually to roughen up the steel plates. Spark plugs last more than a year.

The TY250Z is great to ride for its age and fantastically reliable compared with modern European Trials bikes or Italian bikes from the same era. I would say it compares with a late model Beta Techno for ease of riding but has better suspension than the Techno.

Mine (which is absolutely standard) weighs 83kg which is the same weight as my TY175. The TY250Z feels a bit heavier to ride than the latest crop of trials bikes. If I was to buy a modern bike it would have to be the SY250 because of it having the same motor.

If you want more info please email privately.

davidlahey at hotkey.net.au

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Thanks all for the info and the link.

I would love to see more of the bike with the side car. Looks like a wild ride with a monkey on your back. Do they run regular sections or do they have special sections?


I couldn't tell what the frame was made of in the picture.

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Love the pics of Nige's bike there! Would be nice to have some more specs on the website. Has anyone seen one about?? Does it have a hydraulic clutch on it?? My neighbor has a TYZ and doesn't really ride it at all. Might be a neat project to order one of those frame kits!! If anyone knows more please reply. Must send an email off to Nige!

Cheers, Steve

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Marky G - Yamaha stopped making Trials bikes because the Japanese Motorcycle Industry is all about numbers and volume - Although the TYZ sold reasonably well in the UK, sales in other parts of the World were pretty much counted on one hand. The units that were bought in the USA were all (5-8 units) purchased from Canadian Dealers. - Ask Mick Andrews what he thought about the TYZ, I think most people would be in for a shock.

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