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  1. Try your beta importer for a parts kit. I recently had the same problem and my shock guru could not sorce the parts, I managed to sorce the bladder through a dealer. It was sold as part of a paoli shock rebuild kit. My shock was out of an 07 but the bladder looked the same. Importer also gave me details of oil viscocity and gas presure.
  2. Na the one from New Zealand
  3. I have pulled my bike apart to do small end and rings, but in the process forgot to take note of the orintation of the cut out in the piston skirt does this face the intake port or exust port? Note there is no arrow on my piston as the beta manual sugests there should be. 07 rev3 270 cheers
  4. I second that. I remove the push rod from rear brake making sure the piston inside the master cylinder retracks all the way out. Remove the fluid resorvar from the hose running down to mastercylinder. Fill seringe (big one) with fluid and attach a peice of clear tube that fitts snugly into the hose that you just disconected the resorvar from and zip tie it to improve seal. Push pistins all the way inside caliper. Fit clear pipe to caliper end and run it into a container to catch fluid. Open bleed nipple. Now begin to push fluid using the seringe it will be ferm to push but should move. If fluid wont flow recheak mastercylinder pistin is not sticking. Once all the air bubbles have stoped coming, close bleed nipple and cheak brake for presure (pumping push rod/lever for 20 pumps with something wedged inbetwn the pistons in the caliper until ferm). When you are happy remove the hose from the mastercylinder end and reinstall resorvar, cheak fluid level. Reasemble and go ride. Once you have mastered this method it is quite literaly a 5 min job. I also like the ideas of prefilling caliper and pushing the fluid back out to prime. Hope this helps someone
  5. Maybe make sure your clutch is properly bleed and the oil is fresh.(I can feel it after dozen or so rides the oil starts to "go off". dx 3 atf works well and is cheap.
  6. I second that. also if you think its flooded then use full throttle.
  7. I have an 07 270 and its a great bike. cheak rear shock has damperning,(when you push down on rear suspension it returns in a controld manner rather then like a pogo stick) and that it is not leaking oil. the water pump corrosen is covered under warrenty here in new zealand even on 2nd hand bikes so the importer tells me. the easy answer if this is a problem is to replace it with an aluminum case rather then magnesium and never worry again.
  8. bump any one know oil weight?
  9. Awsome that makes alot of sense. Did they give you any tips on what oil and weight to use? Silver damper rod is the main rod up the center that you can see when you look through the spring. Basicly when the spring is off the shock this should still have alot of restance when you try push it down and return to the top on its own.
  10. I'm after Information on rebuilding a Paoili rear shock on an 07 rev. Planning on rebuilding it myself and taking it down the road to get regas'd (Have spent years rebuilding mountain bike shocks in the bike industry). but can't find any info on shock oil wt and voloume etc. If any one can help with this and any tips with these shocks would be very helpfull Thanks matt
  11. I sent you a message.
  12. thin on top and thick on bottom