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  1. Anyone know about this?

    is that the team with a small but clever leader? they call him footballs cunning gnome.
  2. Sister Sport

    I am guessing, but 1. they have found a way around the rule on weight distribution? and 2, to lower the gearing? I think there is a rule about what tyres they can use, basically a standard road tyre
  3. Ty 175 to pump or not to pump

    never seen a bike used in competition with the oil pump in use, they tend to be a bit generous with the oil and cause poor running. I run my 175 whitehawk on 60:1 synthetic 2t mix
  4. Is it Bent?

    could it be the mounting bracket bent? Unsure of the design on these, but it doesn't take much to alter the angle of the stand.
  5. Kick Starting a 2018 Beta Evo 200

    All I can say is I am 67 and have a 200 beta evo and find it a doddle to start, I am used to left foot kicking as I have had bultacos since 1968 I still have no problems with my T350 bulto either, it's about technique, Kickstarter at 10 past and firm prod, not a "kick"
  6. clutch spring tool

    I have always used 2 pairs of pliers, one opened to push down and a pointy nosed to slip pin in
  7. no, I was not suggesting this, I was just partially answering the original question. why are the spanish so strong, theey help their good young riders with money raised from exorbitant license fees
  8. it's not just trials, the Spanish are pretty dominant in Motogp too, a lot of it is the way their federation is set set up to progress and support young riders who show promise, I believe a trials license about 300 euros and presumably more for road race etc this money is ploughed back into the sport to help young talent.
  9. Classic trials from the late 60s and SSDT 1970

    Brilliant, takes me back to when I started riding😁
  10. New bike

    I was about to comment that they look like 2013 Beta's.I did see a post on facebook from I think "Manchester motorcycles" with some coy replies to comments like "wait and see"!
  11. evo 250 or 300

  12. Newbie South Wales

    Merthyr club is probably the nearest club to you, currently active, there are a few down west, Neath etc. not heard of the Cardiff club recently. Barry Mcnulty of AB motorcycles Merthyr can put you in touch with their club. I am in the pontypool area and now mainly only ride Gwent Classic trials,we have one on the 15th of October at my farm, between pontypool and Cwmbran
  13. clutch spring mod 6 to 4

    http://www.betausa.com/sites/default/files/pdf/STT-2012-3-Evo%20300%20clutch%20set%20up.pdf its on here try this link
  14. clutch spring mod 6 to 4

    sure I've seen an article that shows how to lighten a Beta clutch by reversing the washers either side of the springs or something like that there were about 6 different combinations...will try to find the article. By the way my evo clutch is excellent and very light, so maybe its set up differently (its a 200)
  15. Gas Gas Low Ground clearance

    Just a thought, as you have had the shock linkage off, on some bikes (not sure of gas gas) it's possible to put linkage back wrong way and lower the back end, I know someone who did it on a montesa