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  1. TXT Pro Sachs Rear Shock

    Are the Sachs shock on the Beta, Sherco TXT Pro the same?
  2. TXT Pro Sachs Rear Shock

    Does anyone where to get one repaired?
  3. TXT Pro Sachs Rear Shock

    Yes, I have the shock off the bike.
  4. TXT Pro Sachs Rear Shock

    The rear shock on my bike has stopped working correctly, it will only go down 2/3 the travel then hits a dead stop hard (about 5mm before the rubber bump stop) Anyone else had this problem?
  5. Kenny The Rooster - Contains Adult Humour

    A man who wants to murder his wife goes in a pharmacy and asks for cyanide. “I’m sorry sir, but I can’t give you cyanide just like that.” Without a word, the man takes out his wife’s photograph and holds it in front of him. The pharmacist apologizes, “My mistake, I didn’t realize you had a prescription.”

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    ***SOLD*** Complete Villiers 32a 250cc engine stripped for rebuild Plus the following New parts: Amal Carburettor (Correctly jetted) Manifold (for Amal) Crankshaft (fully rebuilt by Villers services) Piston +60 (& rings) Gearbox / Engine sprockets (correct for trials) Primary chain (correct length for trials) Premium Quality Engine bearings (C3 Grade) Gearbox Output shaft bearing Oil Seals and seal bush All new Nuts & Washers (Correct Threads BSW/BSF) Full Gasket Set Exhaust Villiers workshop manual Spark plug Gearbox is a 4 Speed in good condition with good gears, dogs and selectors Money spent:- £419 at Villiers Services (see invoice) £65.00 on piston £££ on bearings, seals and lots more ***Strictly Cash on Collection*** SOLD

    895.00 GBP

  7. Softer Dellorto carb spring?

    I wouldn’t mess with the spring, you might regret it when your throttle sticks open
  8. C15 Gudgeon pin

    You need the help of someone with a lathe and reamer If the conrod is assembled its a bit more tricky
  9. Laziest way to clean rust from a tank?

    Oxalic acid, I used it on a (very rusty) rickman steel tank, and some old DT125 parts. It did the job very well indeed without even damaging the paint on the outside of the tank but be careful and safe, I did mine in the lab at work! they also use it on boat hulls, to clean the fiberglass. you can buy it on ebay
  10. ?:1

    I run my air-cooled bikes at 40:1 never had a problem. I fact I've just had a look down the barrel of my Suzuki and I can still see the honing pattern after 10 years running!
  11. Wheel rebuild

    agreed, and saves a few quid
  12. BSA C15

    The BSA forks are worth keeping, all you need to do is weld a bar on and you have two first class pogo sticks. The kids love'em
  13. big end woe

    then its scrap, With 1mm play up & down it would be knocking, and not far off punching a hole in the crank cases!
  14. Kenny The Rooster - Contains Adult Humour

    They have a strange custom at my new work place. The food has names. Yesterday for example I got me a sandwich out of the fridge and its name was "Michael".
  15. And also extremely fit