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  1. I ve got a pair of Domino levers, just put a full new set of springs in and a new Venhill cables on order. The full set is on advice, also a good start point to work from.
  2. b40r, Bought it as a renovation project for winter so haven’t ridden it in anger , just pottered up the drive twice on it before I stripped it. The clutch was difficult to say the least. Im just rebuilding her, hence the questions. Ive oiled the cable, cleaned the mechanism inside the clutch case and cleaned , decontaminated the plates. Ive been advised to use a light gear oil, 75w!!!! What do you use? The clutch basket fingers are quite notched, will I be ok grinding the ridges off, I mean with a Dremmel and gently ?
  3. b40rt, Thanks for that in depth reply, 😆😆😆😆 Only joking just asking before I make a decision.
  4. Sorry it’s a TL 320.
  5. I know there’s already chat and opinions from some time ago about these, but anymore up to date info from peoples experience since the last threads. Thanks guys.
  6. Thanks guys , came apart in the end.
  7. Thanks Martin, When I split it which crankcase do you leave the gearbox in, flywheel side or clutch side, or will it not sit in one? Thanks.
  8. Ok chaps, Just about to split my 1982 TL 320 for the first time, plenty of experience of Spanish twinshocks but not Rotax motors. So rather than just go at it I thought I'd canvas opinion about what to watch out for and basics, i.e. which case to leave the box in, etc, etc. Thanks all.
  9. Fourex, did you ever get round to choosing a Pernod blue, if so which one did you pick. Was it a good match. Thanks.
  10. Thanks motoswm (Martin) , be ringing you soon to get some bits.
  11. Thanks all, heat gun and even pressure released it, it’s off. But strange to then find an external crank bearing !! I take it there’s also an internal main bearing.
  12. Thanks b40rt, think our paths have crossed before. Are we aiming to get the plate casing off with the bearing, or leave the bearing on the crank. The casing does seem to be rather fragile. Ill give it a try, thanks.
  13. Hi guys, Picked this up at weekend as a winter project, runs ok but rough. ( sorry can't load the photo of the bike ) The question is, I went to check the points and the flywheel nut was hand tight. Took it off with the flywheel and it was really wet and oily at the rear of the flywheel. Began to delve in as you do ( only use to Bultacos ) and I was stopped by the large disc that is retained by three large screws. I can get it to rotate but not release, it seems to house a bearing on the crank, how do I get it off guys. And yes for you eagled eyed chaps, the woodruff key is mangled, I've no idea how it ran, it fired up first time. Many thanks.
  14. Had the same problem with my 2016 Evo 4T last week , fan running but very slowly. Took rear mudguard off and one of the plastic connectors that are above the carb had come lose ,but not separated, just making partial contact, sprayed with contact cleaner pushed it back together and the fan ran at normal speed again.
  15. IMG_2223.JPGMorning, did anyone reply to you about that top yoke on that Bultaco?

    If not I've sourced a manufacturer that has made one batch now making another, with 25mm or 45 mm risers.

    Ill send you the details if you wish, £95 posted.

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. chappo


      You won't be disappointed, good quality product, lets hope it improves our riding.


    3. trialsrfun


      Hi Chappo,

      Well the Bultaco top yoke has arrived today the quality stands out, I am eager to fit it asap!

      Thank you for letting me know they were available as without your message I do not think I would have seem them for sale.

      By the way does your bike have the original ball bearings in the headstock or the inmotion taper conversion?


    4. chappo


      Taper conversion, miles better.