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  1. New rear shocks for a 340 Sherpa.

    I’m thinking the same. Just stripped them down and I’ve actually bent one of the rods so it’s sticking slightly, thanks to that hill climb at the Bultaco Nostalgia Trial. The service cost at Falcon actually include new rods. PS that side stand for my 340 that I bought off you is still working fine, they’re still like hens teeth.
  2. Guys, I have a 340 with a set of well used Falcon aluminium shocks on the rear. I have had them 4 years and they came secondhand to me.They are due a service and possibly some heavier springs as they bottom out a lot, even though they are set properly. Now these are quality items, of that I have no doubt. But to have them serviced and new springs, it’s nearly as much as a set of new OZO Pro shocks. Other similar brands are available I should point out. The reality of the situation is that I ride for pleasure in the Veteran Black routes or 50/50, so I don’t really need top notch shocks. It has been mentioned that the standard length, eyelet to eyelet is 340mm, but some use 350mm. Anyone got any opinions so that I can buy a good set of shocks. Thanks.
  3. IRC tyre on a 2016 Evo 4t.

    The new tyre is a TR 011, not sure of the old coding Mog.
  4. IRC tyre on a 2016 Evo 4t.

    Thanks Mog, As you will have read IRC changed the manufacturing process to give a better grip on the rim with the latest tyre. Did you fit a new style tyre or is it possible you may have been sold an old stock tyre, sorry not sure of what the tyre numbers are on the old and new? Ill have a look see if I can find out. Thanks for the input, I’m sure I’m not the only one wanting a change of tyre.
  5. IRC tyre on a 2016 Evo 4t.

    Thanks 4stroke, That was the answer I wanted, someone who was currently running one. Thanks to all others for your input, much appreciated. Looking at IRC reviews, the new tyre has a stronger rim, obviously to alleviate previous issues of tyre ‘burp’ air loss.
  6. IRC tyre on a 2016 Evo 4t.

    Thanks StPauls, I take you have a Beta 4t and your not talking about fitting it to your profile bike the Honda GL 1800 😄😄😄😄😄.
  7. IRC tyre on a 2016 Evo 4t.

    Just ready to change my rear Michelin on my 2016 Evo 4T. I run a tubed IRC on my Bultaco and really like it, very soft, just wonder if anyone runs a tubeless IRC on their Beta 4t. Only asking because in the back of my mind I seem to remember someone saying they had a problem getting them to sit/seal on the rim and they passed a little air. Thanks.
  8. I’ll try and reload one or two. One as is, one as was 12 years ago.
  9. If you look on this forum under my original post, ‘ Well I collected the Cub today ‘, there are a few images of the bike.
  10. Photos have gone on in reverse order !!
  11. Hi guys, Please see images of my Cub casings.Just split the engine. The first casing shows an area milled out and a plate inserted with four Allen screws inserted. Is this the mod to allow access to the oil pump. You lads who know there stuff will probably recognise the model of engine but it’s a 1961 year model. The second casing, well, I’ll wait for some ideas, is it to allow the gearbox sprocket to be removed without having to break the motor. It’s a really poor fit. Thanks.
  12. Well I collected the Cub today.

    I’ll say, took the engine out last night, don’t think the hydraulic clutch has ever worked. Will be being replaced with cable and lever. The bore and top end look ok which is a plus, to say it’s been sat for umpteen years.
  13. Well I collected the Cub today.

    Nebulous, sorted not modernised. Just need to read up on what it can have for Club events, I know the brake drums are Japanese and the Keihin carb may need to an Amal, but it’s just a fun project. Believe from a good friend who popped in today it would have to be in the Specials class as it is at present. Cant believe someone’s taken the time to put a hydraulic clutch on it !!
  14. Well I collected the Cub today.

    b40rt, just the guy I bought it off. Nebulous, need to do a bit of reading up before I tackle that engine, can do Spanish ones no problem, this has got tubes everywhere🤔🤔. I do have a friend who knows a thing or two about these old pushrods, already warned him he’s busy. Its not that bad saying it’s been in a shed for 8 years. Not tried to turn it over, going to put some oil in the bore for a few days and let that seep through. Also probably drain, if there’s any oil in, the engine and overfill it so everything gets a covering. Its not a tomorrow job.
  15. Well, I asked how much they weigh before I collected it............put it on the bike rack and I swear it was lighter than my 340 Sherpa. Anyway, I said previously , learning but still a bit green where Pre 65s are concerned. It is said, I term it that way as the Gentleman I purchased it from,purchased it from the Estate of a deceased friend, he knows nothing about it apart from a letter that was concealed in amongst a raft of receipts for work done. The letter said it had an engine rebuild in the mid 90s, fitted with a Serco Trials gearbox, Boyer Branden ignition, frame modifications, hydraulic clutch, and a specialist oil tank ( some purists will wince at that clutch I’m sure ). The bike is road registered, XKO 65X being registered March 1961. Very easy to say, I’m sure a lot have said it in the past, but in the letter the previous keeper said “It was ex Lampkin”. Does anyone recognise it, previously owned it, know any history? Believe it’s lived in the South of the country of late , again it was documented that it won many Awards. Any info would be well received. Ill add some images of how it is now pre renovation/recommissioned and one from how it use to look in its day.