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  1. Well then for lobstah as we call it in New England you need to hop a plane and come to my club here in Maine. Ayuh!
  2. Excellent attitude and you never stop learning. As a rule trials people are patient teachers and will really be on your side to help you ride better. So welcome to the sport! One of us! One of us!
  3. 2016 Beta Evo 80 - Fork Seals leaking

    That sounds more a like bent stanchion.
  4. Fork oil

    The internals of the 2018s are different. Supposedly volume is now are the same for both legs. I changed the oil in mine and drained out roughly 300cc from each leg. manual says 297g. Replaced the 6.1wt with 2.5wt since the forks seemed far too sluggish in compression. Much cushier now. Don't try to drain forks with bottom screw. Remove them from the clamps and invert them. Yeah it's a pain. The screw on the bottom of the cartridge side doesn't come out properly on the new forks. It just gets loose but doesn't come out and then can't be tightened up again. I fought with mine for about two hours. Many bad words were said. I made a cartridge holder out of PVC pipe and it still wouldn't tighten. Finally resorted to tapping the top of the PVC while seated in the cartridge while turning the screw when it finally caught. The new forks look like the old Paiolis but they are made by Sachs. And after five rides on the new bike the oil that came out was full of aluminum in suspension. Much more than I would have expected. As if the sliders were not properly cleaned after being machined.
  5. beta 300t4 clutch fix

    Cool, one more data point of clutch tuning. I think you're the first to go thinner plates on the 4T. On my 2Ts I do the clutch fix and run six of the thinner plates with 3mm step washers. That's my recipe and I'm sticking with it.
  6. beta 300t4 clutch fix

    Since the 4t uses all 3mm “thick” plates you can use the kevlar plates from Barnett. 301-35-10012 Hey Billy, I have a set collecting dust. Wanna try them out?
  7. beta 300t4 clutch fix

  8. beta 300t4 clutch fix

    The 4t has all six of the thicker plates.
  9. Moto Tassinari VForce Reeds

    Finally got out on the new bike with tweaked suspension (heavier springs, 2.5wt fork oil) and not having a cold. Still lovin the VForce! Not a stall all day and this bike is geared up higher than the ‘13.
  10. Right fork leaking Beta Evo 2015 300 Factory

    I had an awful time getting the screw to seat back in the bottom of the cartridge on my ‘18. I don’t know if your forks are the same but the Sachs assembled forks are not the same as the old Paiolis. To get the screw to seat I had to make a holder out of PVC to keep the cartridge from turning and tapped it with a plastic hammer to drive the assembly down to catch the threads on the screw. The whole time the screw would just stay in the fork leg and spin while weeping oil.
  11. Beta evo 250 carb issue

    When you pull the carb off pull the reed block and have a look. You may have a broken reed.
  12. This pretty much sums it up.
  13. More clutch problems (no pressure at the lever)

    Basic diagnosing skills. You took the master cylinder apart and it looked OK. Reassemble and look elsewhere. Changing to an unknown master cylinder adds another variable that didn't need to be added. So assuming the master cylinder is OK you are left with the hose and the slave cylinder. If there is a leak further down the system you should lose fluid in the master cylinder every time you pump the lever. You should also see the fluid leaking unless it's the slave cylinder seal in which case it's just going to leak into the transmission. I have no idea of the effect of fork fluid in the hydraulics. It's not anything I'd do. If you don't see leakage along the hose I think your slave cylinder is probably compromised. Might also explain the variability in operation before.
  14. Moto Tassinari VForce Reeds

    Just FYI I went back to the 48 pilot as the 50 made the engine surge a bit rolling on power.
  15. 2016 Beta Evo 80 - Fork Seals leaking

    It's always possible the seal was damaged when replaced. It happens even to dealers. Has it leaked since it was replaced or did it just start some time after replacement? Typically a seal will be good for some time if the fork tubes are undamaged. A nick in the tube can damage a seal and will keep damaging seals until it's fixed. Sometimes dirt will get under a seal lip and hold it away from contact with the tube.