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  1. Hi Steve, I tried to message you several time but it says you cannot receive messages. I know my box was full and wouldn't allow me to send or receive after the site upgrade so your inbox may have suffered the same fate. But we still love you Andy. Really!
  2. Placebo theory confirmed
  3. Is it possible to charge an EM off an inverter from a car? Anyone know specification of the charger? Is there an optional charger that might be plugged into a running vehicle?
  4. I think the older bikes ran the lights off the rectifier and the '08 ran the lights directly off the ac output of the lighting coils and only used the rectifier/regulator for the fan motor if I remember mine correctly. The also provided ground for the lighting circuits through a lug on the top triple clamp which is a huge mistake.
  5. I noticed they are no longer mentioned on Ryan Young's page and I thought he was the US importer. The EM link on Lewisports page is throwing a 404 error. The dealer listing on the Electric Motion page doesn't list Ryan as a dealer. In fact it shows no US importer at the moment. What'd I miss?
  6. Time to pay for those two warm days in February.
  7. What about Fudd's first law of opposition, If you push something hard enough it will probably fall over. And Teslicle's deviant to Fudd's law, It goes in, it must come out.
  8. I have the stronger fork and shock spring from Saunders on my 2013. helps tremendously as you can back off the preload and the suspension is much more compliant on the small stuff. Preload on a spring really screws up how the suspension responds.
  9. Well yeah compared to my Maico but my friends had 307 Fantics and that was easily the match for any hydraulic clutch I've ever used. Hey Chris, nice to see you back. I was getting worried when I didn't see you post for a while. I hate to say it but after years of use and many compliments on the pegs you sent me I mashed one. Felt horrible about that. One thing I was considering working on was a magnetic clutch assist. With springs their simplicity is their problem. No matter what you do to make the pull easier pull is still a linear function. Magnets are exponential (I think, I suck at math). The pull exerted is inverse the square of the distance or something like that. If you overlay the transfer function of a spring and a magnet it becomes obvious that if done correctly the force applied by the spring with the clutch in will be relatively unaffected by the magnet but when pulled in the magnet will assist the action of the lever reducing the effort needed to hold in the lever. I also considered replacing the springs with magnets in various configurations. Of course life intruded before I got far into that development but it might be fun to revisit.
  10. Not a lot of technical myths. A lot of ignorance of how things work but usually from people who are just new enough to not understand yet ( though I have my moments too ). Lot's of riding technique myths.
  11. Removing springs will make the pull and static holding lighter but also can cause slippage. The other option is the Beta spacers on the later bikes can be flipped to lower the preload on the springs. Just pulling springs without doing the full fix is a bad idea as you may not get proper clutch engagement due to binding of the plates.
  12. The 200 is a lovely little bike. It'll do all you ask of it without tiring you out. It'll keep its resale value due to the rarity and high demand. I have a 300 and even detuned it can be a handful. Its main advantage is the ability to chug its way up steep inclines at low RPM. For 99% of the stuff I ride though the 200 would work just as well. If you buy the 200 you will have so much fun.
  13. Understood. I think you just put people on the defensive with the initial header. Any pics to share of the goo?
  14. Sounds more like somebody at Keihin had a great new idea. I'm pretty sure Beta doesn't crack open the carbs on every bike. If it was a white waxy build up that can come from ethanol. I find I have to disassmble and clean my Keihin twice a year anyway so you might as well get used to it.
  15. My '08 was a great bike from new once the clutch was sorted. Have since moved on to EVO which is better. That bike looks like it hasn't been abused and the fact that the cases were swapped out rather than bodged with JB Weld for the corrosion says a lot about previous owner. Probably a Senior rider. Always the best used bikes to get. If the forks look good and it runs proper probably worth the money.