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  1. Clutch slip

    Did you do the tab polish part of the mod? The steels can get polished after a while and can use a dressing with fine emory cloth to break up the surface glaze. Do you have enough play in the master cylinder for the piston to return all the way opening the reservoir port? If not pressure will build up in the hydraulics and cause slip. Most people seem to run a little less than a full gearbox as it seems to cause a bit of drag.
  2. E-Pure?

    It looks like EMotion is upping their game.
  3. Can't get to bleed my rear brakes

    I know it had no bearing on the original poster’s question but that was fascinating. I’ve never worked on a brit car. It sounds, “interesting”.
  4. Can't get to bleed my rear brakes

    Very good advice above. For what it's worth none of us likes bleeding the rear brake. It's always misery.
  5. Hi guys

    Ok are we talking new bike vs used? Body type (wee skinny/clydesdale)? Trick riding vs plonker? Comfort vs impact resistance. Two stroke/four stroke? The more info you can give us the better we can help you. You won’t find a more enthusiastic group to help you.
  6. Moto Tassinari VForce Reeds

    Hmmm I see on the Moto Tassinari site they list those reeds for the 65SX I may have got that wrong saying 85SX but I do remember reading it somewhere. There is a separate piece that fits into the inlet side of the reed cage and I think that is the difference between the various 351 models but they don't show drawings for all of the variants. I wish they did. On bikes that spend 95% of their life at idle to 1/4 throttle the inlet shape will have no effect. For kiddies on little MX bikes where they are wide open all the time it may cause some small incremental loss of power. I bought some of the Carbon Tech reeds as a backup plan but never installed them.
  7. Moto Tassinari VForce Reeds

    No changes for the reeds but the bike came with a 48 pilot and the needle on the fourth notch so I changed to a 50 pilot and needle to center notch. (Stock settings for my ‘13) I think the leaner set up is for emissions as that’s now part of the technical data on the web site. Along with the security screw on the intake there were different color markings on the carb which makes me think it will soon be tamper proof fuel systems as the norm.
  8. Moto Tassinari VForce Reeds

    Some years ago but I don’t like the extra flywheel weight.
  9. Moto Tassinari VForce Reeds

    Any one who has followed my Beta posts for a few years knows that I am a huge fan of the Moto Tassinari VForce carbon reeds. Much to my chagrin Moto Tassinari discontinued the V351C reeds for the Beta and Sherco. I’ve heard various reasons from reed life to breaking cages and I did have a cage failure some years ago leading to a long push out of the woods. But here’s the thing, the Beta runs soooo good with the VForce reeds that I wanted a set very badly for the new bike. I contacted Moto Tassinari and asked about a set for the new bike and one of their guys said they can build up some for me. Then I never heard back. OK fair enough. He was probably shot down by his bosses. So routing around for an alternative I scoured the website for similar reeds. If you dig deep enough you find the KTM 85SX from a few years back had a reed cage that looks exactly like the standard Beta reed cage, as in Beta buys them from the same manufacturer similar. Hmmm I thought, Moto Tassinari makes a reed for the older KTM 85SX that has almost the same part number as the Beta/Sherco reed V351B. So I bought one. The reed is an exact bolt in and the only difference is the reed petals are 3P412H vs 3P412M (hard vs medium). I had a set of replacement reeds for the previous bike so I disassembled the reed block and replaced the hard reeds with the mediums. The other difference is the original V351C was originally designed for the 26mm Mikuni so there was a lip with the Keihin. With the V351B block there is a slight lip on top and bottom however the opening to the block is a large rectangle so there is in reality much more area. The OEM KTM intake boot (KTM used a Keihin PWK28) looks to be a direct bolt on but I’m not certain until I get one to try. One other thing to note is the reed cage material now seems to be a heavier plastic. Almost like a fiber reinforced plastic. This makes it harder to take apart and snap together and the older 3P412M reeds didn’t fit as well needing a little nudge to get them onto the tabs that hold them. The other thing that was odd was the inner reeds are held in place with a pin that seats them onto their tabs and the reed block I got the pin seems to have been assembled backwards. I plan to talk to Moto Tassinari about that. So how does the new bike run? This weekend was my first time out with the low compression head, carb jetting tweak and VForce reeds. Previously I had two days out on the new bike in stock trim and was stalling all over the place. Yesterday the Beta pulled off idle like a freight train. Power builds smoothly to a respectable top end though it gives a little away on the top due to the low compression head. Fine with me, I don’t spend a lot (any) time at full throttle. Am I happy? Oh Yeah!
  10. Montesa 315R Clutch Problems

    Take a look at the clutch fix pinned to the top of the Beta forum. It may help.
  11. Funny noise

    That sounds logical. Rode for a good couple hours today and no funny noises.
  12. Funny noise

    Well I think the new bike is unimpressed with me. I just changed the pilot to a 50 and moved the needle clip to the middle and it seems to come off idle smoother. So I putted around the back yard for a bit then turned it off and parked it in the garage and it started making raspberry fart sounds at me. Plttttt! Wait a few minutes, PLTTTT! Few more minutes, PLTTTT! I have no idea.
  13. Evo Clutch side additional weight

    Fortunately a friend of mine posted these so I can see the new ones do appear to be a press fit so yup I was wrong again. I’d still be very wary of a DIY solution for this. Good luck though. I hope you can find a solution that works for you but this might be one case where it’s better to spend the money and buy the factory parts.
  14. YAMAHA have a new TY

    Like the Top Gear Stig farm?
  15. YAMAHA have a new TY

    How long before Honda responds?