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  1. Scott trial- What to expect/how to prepare

    Expect it to hurt and expect to be broken in body and mind. I don't think anything can prepare you for the brutality of pushing yourself and bike to the absolute limit for up to 8hours. You'll love it.
  2. 2 Stroke oil

    What's 2 stroke oil???
  3. Throttle Tube

    As J21 says, custom make your own. File the white or add to the black.
  4. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Heat them up and cool them down, it might not be the way to treat metal........ But it gives a good brake. Try it. Just riding around the street in 1st gear will generate enough heat, then stick the hose pipe on it.
  5. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Bent disc? Check the spokes of the disc for cracks/trueness
  6. AJP Front Brake Rebuild

    I don't think the std hose helps with the spongy feeling, and it could do with being about 3 inches shorter. The new new braktec system on the new repsols are really sharp if your after a mountain bike feel!
  7. AJP Front Brake Rebuild

    Last ones I changed were square, I'm sure. 2012 bike
  8. WOW- What a bike !!

    Rev it, weight over the back, shut off, grip, wheelie
  9. Replacing rear spoke?

    ^^^ this. There are 2 different lengths. Make sure you've got the right one as they should join together easily.
  10. 260 4rt running rough

    What do you mean by running rough?
  11. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    I was on both the repsol and the rr at the wekend and I'm not a fan of the tech forks or the shock, (whatever it is) on the std 260 and the RR, the shock, especially feels a little dead, but I haven't used anything but showa stuff since 2003. Overall, the RR was nice, but without the showa, the repsol felt a better bike. Another thing I noticed was the riding position, I don't know if the RR uses different bars or footrest hangers but the riding position felt somewhat flat compared to the repsol.
  12. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    Any of them will be a pleasure to own and ride, the RR is not an intimidating bike at all, very docile and smooth at the bottom end and enough power at the top end to send you up anything. Maintenance is a doddle, oil and filter every 6 weeks ish, air filter and oil the chain. Probably less maintenance than a 2 stroke. Personally, my favourite is the 260 engine. If you want it, get it.
  13. Looks like a 93ish bike. No expansion chamber on the front pipe. I loved my TYZ, it had a great engine. Still the only bike I've had that's jumped up the side of surrender bridge.ass The mont would do it, but my balls have shrunk.
  14. Aussie new to Trials and this forum

    That 97 techno looks like it is either; a 97 dressed as a 99 or it is a 99. Either way it's clean. 75ml synthetic 2 stroke oil to 5l petrol 500ml 75wt gear oil
  15. 4rt kickstart stop

    Yeah, they're fixable. Do you know al the spanner who worked at whites? He has done plenty in his time. Think he trades under al span now.