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  1. BOOTS!

    As far as I know, Gaernes are the only boots that claim to be waterproof. Which seems to be a pretty important factor given that we go paddling around in streams. I bought Gaernes as my first pair of trials boots on that basis. I have nothing to compare with, but I'm pretty happy with them, and my toes have stayed dry so far.
  2. To good to be true?

    Remember that little saying: "If it looks too good to be true, ............"
  3. Hello from Hampshire

    Blimey! That beats my 47 years between trials.
  4. TY 175 airbox to carb hose

    Ouch! That's one sad motorbike. I'm glad you rescued her, but I think I would have left it to the scrappy.
  5. Fantic 200 Front Forks

  6. Need easier clutch pull for RL250

    It's not just the distance from fulcrum to pulling point that influences the "lightening". It's the ratio of fulcrum-to-in-cable to fulcrum-to-out-cable. And moving the fulcrum to the right in the photo will make that ratio larger.
  7. Need easier clutch pull for RL250

    He says he has the fulcrum pin in the "easiest" setting, but actually that's the "hardest".
  8. Greeves motorcycles

    On the website it says "This website will be updated on a regular basis". Presumably "regular" means once per decade.
  9. Forum Upgrade

    Looking good, Andy. Well done.
  10. Garage alarm

    Which is why I'm not going to connect the door handle to the mains.
  11. Safely transport my Beta Evo 200

    Your keyword was "safely". However you secure your bike (frenchy3's description sounds pretty good to me) you must have some redundancy in the system.If one strap (any strap) fails, the bike must not fall off the trailer. This is something that's not necessary with a van, as the worst-case scenario is the bike falls over inside the van.
  12. Advice for a beginner...

    Don't tell me: Your wife's just left you and you have no idea why!
  13. Garage alarm

    I've just looked at the BT on a supplier website. It doesn't specifically say the remote operates by radio. It does claim it has a 50m range, but through a metal door? It's a shame I can't find one with the receiver for the remote separate from the main unit, so it could be mounted in a discrete position outside. I know how annoying false alarms on burglar alarms are. That's why I'm looking for something that I can be sure I won't set off accidentally myself but will be quick-acting in response to a thief. Then I'll tell the neighbours I have the alarm and they will know that if it goes off it's a genuine break-in.
  14. Garage alarm

    Any recommendations for a garage alarm? I've been looking at various ones; they're not expensive but I have an issue with the delay time before they go off. Some have 15 seconds, which seems enough to allow the scrote to smash to siren before it goes off. Others only have 4 seconds, which with my sticky up-and-over door may not give me quite long enough to cancel it before I get hit by the noise. I would have thought somewhere halfway between would be ideal.
  15. Local TV coverage of the Spanish National Championship

    So professional. Like the man said, it may be just the national championship, but it looks like a World round.