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  1. Once we've towed you out into the Atlantic I suppose you'll be able to do that if you want. Don't you think the fish woman is missing a trick with her referendum stuff? All she needs to do is extend the referendum to all the UK, and then she should have no problem at all with getting a majority for Scottish independence.
  2. So the clearance is 0.9+(whatever it was before). That's at least double what I was using on my kart engines. And I used to adjust the squish with paper gaskets on the cylinder base.
  3. I recall when 5 star was being phased out. I went to a lot of trouble for a while to go to a place that still sold it, then finally had to fall back on 4 star. It made no difference when I changed. I have always run my competition engines on the best pump fuel available, choosing the best just as a small safeguard that only costs a few pence anyway. Money spent on exotic fuels will always be better spent on more frequent new tyres (unless you already put on new for every event).
  4. Very nice. I like a nice clean design. I can never understand why people want to plaster a bike in free advertising for various companies. Personally I would have skipped the DID stickers on the swing arm and the stuff on the fork sliders too.
  5. I'm surprised that a small squish clearance was causing the problem as I've always worked on the assumption that squish clearance should be small. what did you start with? And what have you got now? The bike's looking very handsome, by the way.
  6. Horrible weather round here. Wind about F5/6, had to wear a fleece outside and right now I can see a cloud over there beside the sunset. I'll get my coat .......
  7. Not in the northern hemisphere, they're not.
  8. Too early to say. I'm hoping for somewhere in the 30s. Plus the benefit of no rattling clanking diesel in the front. Plus the warm feeling that I haven't asphyxiated any small children on my way to a trial.
  9. Well, in the end I bought a car version of a Berlingo. Far better condition for the money than any van I saw, and a petrol to boot! Now I just need the bike to put in it.
  10. Sorry, no specific knowledge of Ossa MARs. But from my recollection of the period, NOTHING was polished. All bare aluminium had a smooth matt finish. If it didn't start that way, it certainly ended up like that after a generous dollop of mud was rubbed into it. Polishing the skid plate? Hell's bells !!! PS I would have thought that aluminium mudguards would be correct for 1973. In which case it is mandatory to have a set of creases just behind the rear frame mounting. The generally approved method is to loop the bike on a big climb, thus bending the mudguard up to vertical. Bend it back down to the normal position and you'll have it just right.
  11. CO2 bands don't apply to motorbikes. 151-400cc costs £39 per year. It's all in the link you posted .
  12. I'm with Biff on this. I've been observing on a fair few events recently and I've seen plenty of people go the wrong way. It pains me to give them a 5, but it would be unfair on everyone else not to.
  13. How about a left-hand throttle?
  14. As we're going for some dissent, I'll dissent from nhuskys. I recently go on a trials bike for the first time in 45 years (that's as near raw beginner as you can get!) and it was a Beta 200. In no way was it too powerful for me (77kg). If anything, I would have liked a little more, but perhaps a quick throttle would have done that for me. On the other hand, when I'm out observing, it's noticeable that the 125s are screaming on the climbs while anything else seems to do the job with moderate revs. I hope to be buying shortly and I was advised to buy a 125. Based on my very limited experience though, I'll be going for a 250, though I might choose a 200 if a good one came up.
  15. Not sure where you're getting your information from, Billy. Every fixings manufacturer I have known has quoted "lightly oiled".