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  1. Efi

  2. Is this a slow action throttle? EVO 300 4T

    Here's one. https://bvm-moto.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=193&search=amal 8 I think most trials specialists could supply the same item.
  3. North East spares availability

    I nearly gave a similar answer. Actually I'd forgotten Ossa (hasn't everyone?) and decided not to throw a barb at Jotagas in deference to the new importers. They may just be able to sort things out. On a more positive note, I think all other manufacturers have pretty good spares availability.
  4. Observation

    With my very short time back in the sport I'm not really qualified to say, but I'll stick my neck out and say you are wrong. For me, "benefit of the doubt" is something to be applied when the observer has a genuine doubt. (Did he dab, or just wave his leg in the air? Did he stop or just about keep rolling?) Being lenient implies that you are not following the marking system laid down by the ACU. If they wanted to, the ACU could define a fail as stopping for 1 second or more, but they don't. No doubt my scores would become even more stratospheric than they already are, but at least you would know what to expect in every section.
  5. Observation

    My own personal opinion is that a momentary stop where it's hard to discern whether it really was stop or not, is perfectly acceptable. For instance for the time the back wheel is off the ground during a rear wheel hop, provided the bike start moving again immediately after landing the back wheel. Whatever, I think it would help if all observers at an event were briefed on what is expected of them, and all competitors should be told what that expectation is.
  6. Observation

    I understand where you're coming from, Intotrials. With the top 3 or 4 riders scoring 0-2 most days, who wants to be the person to give one of them a 5? Your one split-second decision is going to have a massive impact on the result. Whereas, when one of the guys who's getting a cricket score every day comes along, who's going to notice? I have no personal knowledge of how the SSDT is organised, but one would hope that with an event of this stature observers would be given very clear guidance on how to mark marginal situations. It shouldn't be beyond the organisers to provide every observer with one A4 sheet of guidance: it's something to read while waiting for the first bikes to arrive.
  7. Hello from a Sherpa owner

    That could be my old bike which I rode in about 1970. Well, probably not as the aluminium side panels were removed on mine. Between trials I used it for getting to school and going down to WH Smiths on a Thursday for MCN.
  8. Why isn’t everyone riding Jotagas??

    I'm trying to decide if you're very cynical or very perceptive. Probably both. Unfortunately Jotagas seem to have painted themselves into a corner. Their strange commercial ways of the past few years are not easily forgotten, either by end-users or potential dealers/importers.
  9. Why isn’t everyone riding Jotagas??

    Well, if so they wouldn't be the first company to take some old stock lying around and turn it into the latest model with some cosmetic tweaks.
  10. GasGas fire

    Yes. But seriously, I don't think 04.30 until 13.00 is "quick and efficient", but that's really down to the bomberos and the situation, and not to GasGas.
  11. Fantic 200 whining noise - help please!

    Unfortunately Fantics do make a horrible noise. We just have to forgive them because they're great bikes in every other respect.
  12. GasGas fire

    Yeah. Because they're not very good at putting out fires.
  13. GasGas fire

    It happened in the early hours of Saturday. The fire started in the part of the warehouse where packaging is stored. The burning cardboard made it difficult to extinguish but only 5% of the factory has been effected, with no structural harm done. The production lines, offices and despatch area are unharmed so the company seems confident that production and delivery promises will be unaffected.
  14. 2019 Beta. Let the speculation begin!