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  1. Fantic 200 rear wheel spacers

    My left spacer is 14.8mm and the right is 27.4mm. That leaves less than a millimetre clearance which is then taken up by flex in the swinging arm when everything is tightened up.
  2. Fantic 200 sprocket

    I'm using 11/53, which is the standard gearing according to the user manual. Your gearing is 10% taller. Sometimes I think mine is too low geared, and other times it feels too high, so I reckon it's really about right.
  3. Fantic 200 rear wheel spacers

    I'll try to remember to measure mine tomorrow morning.
  4. Fantic 200 sprocket

    https://bvm-moto.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=2193 I just bought an 11 tooth from BVM. Superfast delivery, and as I was a bit nervous about delivery in time for this weekend they phoned me up to confirm it was just despatched. Note that 11 tooth is standard. Going down to 10 tooth will make a 9% change in gear ratio unless to change the rear as well. The 10 tooth will also accelerate chain and sprocket wear.
  5. Any life left in this gas tank? rust repair question...

    That might be a bit extreme, but I wouldn't pay $100 for it. I think that rust looks like it's coming through from the inside (there's probably water been lying in the bottom of the tank) so it will get worse and worse as you try to clean it up. Anything is repairable if you throw enough time and money at it, but ....
  6. Beta rev3 200 "how to dismantle clutch"

    "Does" in my case.
  7. Beta rev3 200 "how to dismantle clutch"

    Although I don't know the ins and outs of a Beta 2 stroke, I'd be confident there is nothing to be scared of in the clutch. You could drain the clutch and work upright or leave the oil and lay the bike over. It depends on your workshop and which is easier for you. I think you'll probably find an O ring under the cover rather than a paper gasket. Once you're in, it will be a simple task to undo all the clutch springs and then lift off the pressure plate and friction plates. When I had a Beta 4 stroke I had the clutch in bits three times trying to reduce the cold stick. The "clutch fix" did nothing for me, though my bike was newer so you might get more benefit. The only thing that helped a little bit was to rough up the steel plates with emery and to clean off the surfaces of the fibre plates with fine wet'n'dry. Overall it was several hours out of my life for little benefit. Consider whether you can just learn to live with cold stick. When it's liable to happen (first start after standing for a while), you just need to put the front wheel against something solid, pull in the clutch and engage second gear. That should clear it, even if you have to crack open the throttle slightly and bump your backside down on the seat. After clearing, it should remain good all day.
  8. Best tyres for a beginner on a Fantic 303

    Tyres are tyres, so the bike is irrelevant and your level of experience is almost irrelevant. I'll stick my neck out and say that the choice of Michelin/Dunlop/IRC doesn't matter at your level, but the Pirelli is definitely a step down (but cheaper). I would guess that a secondhand tyre will cost next-to-nothing (I have a Michelin X-Light rear in my garage that you can have for a tenner) but how it will compare with a new Pirelli is beyond my experience.
  9. New Member

    Irrigation machine? That sounds more like an water-cooled bike with a bad water leak.
  10. Dave Cooper Bike Rack with Bak-Rak adapter

    Having gone back to the original post, it's very clear from photo 4 that the bakrak is not performing as it should. The flange should be vertical in side-view and it's not. The bakrak has rotated backwards on the ball, either because it hasn't been fitted right or because it is simply not capable of clamping tight enough to resist the moment of the bike rack. Whether the Dave Cooper bike rack is a suitable device is a separate issue. Personally, I think not, but it certainly is not deserving of the rant that has been directed at it.
  11. Dave Cooper Bike Rack with Bak-Rak adapter

    I can't see exactly what is going on inside that Bakrak thingie, but it just seems a triumph of optimism over reality to think that anything is going to attach to a ball and then provide a stable support of an offset load of 80 or 90kg. Is the Bakrak intended for pushbikes? Although the Dave Cooper rack is ingenious and a lot of people have covered a lot of miles with them, I still find it unduly flexible and decided against it for myself.
  12. stupidity prize?

    Hands up anyone who hasn't made that mistake at some time.
  13. New member

    Welcome. Where are you riding?
  14. First Aid at Trials

    I don't expect anyone to do anything, but I think it would be helpful if the facility was there. I fully intend to talk to the clubs whose trials I ride in, and I'll give what help I can. Before doing that directly, I thought I'd post on here to get the opinions of others. With one exception, they seem to be favourable to the idea so I'll press ahead. It's also notable that the contributions from posters in other countries suggest that we are way behind on this topic in the UK.
  15. First Aid at Trials

    Why would someone take two days out of their life every three years to train, and then not assist someone who needed it?