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  1. Oset insurance.

    I tried a couple of years ago, really struggled, someone said they did 1 trials bike and 2 osets for £170, when I rung the company , NFU mutual, they said they wouldn't touch the osets and quoted me a huge price for my bike. please post if you have any luck. thanks wayne
  2. Oset 16.0 36V Chain And Sprockets

    think I did it with the chain on and just loosened it with a spanner,
  3. Oset 16.0 36V Chain And Sprockets

    finally got near the bike to take this picture, its show hardly any sidewards movement
  4. Oset 16.0 36V Chain And Sprockets

    This is the set I bought http://osetbikes.com/gb/parts/chains/ bottom of page for £64.99, it all arrived in clear plastic bags with no labels. the chain is stamped with 219 HS and on another link PR. I've fitted it and he's ridden it and the chain has stayed on and jack is happy!! I cant recall our chain having the same side wards movement as your video shows, I will check (the bike is kept at somewhere away from our house) and reply here. regards wayne
  5. Oset 16.0 36V Chain And Sprockets

    the new kit is all fitted, looks really good which is what matters , runs well though I have only tried it on the bike stand, it does make a louder running noise, I've sprayed chain lube on it which does quiet it down quite a bit. I made sure the sprockets were lined up. the kit is quite a lot wider than original and the rear sprocket is aluminium I believe. he's riding tomorrow so fingers crossed all will be well. the 68t sprocket is a similar size to the old 90t one. i'll have a look at the chain but cant recall seeing any stamps, I was blinded by the shiny gold, it didn't come in a box so I assume they just cut a length off a massive roll. thanks for your help wayne
  6. Oset 16.0 36V Chain And Sprockets

    the kit arrived yesterday but I've only had a quick look, the chain look much stronger and both sprockets look a lot beefier!! i'll be fitting Thursday night so i'll report back after, FYI the set was £65, as you say, and I think postage was £3.50. thanks all wayne
  7. Oset 16.0 36V Chain And Sprockets

    yep I realise that, the "set" comes with both sockets, better get ordering thanks all
  8. Oset 16.0 36V Chain And Sprockets

    thanks for your reply, I assumed that the heavy duty set would have larger teeth and therefore less teeth per inch. so a 68t would be similar diameter to the original 90t...hope this makes sense. thanks again wayne
  9. I've bought my son a second hand oset 16.0 36v for Christmas. Took him out today and the chain kept jumping off. I've stripped the bike this afternoon and I believe its happening because the chain needs replacing. The chain has KMC 8F 25HA stamped on it. I also would like to fit new sprockets as they look a bit worn. The front is a 12 tooth and rear 90. Are there any opinions on the heavy duty set that oset sells for £64? Also is the 68tooth rear sprocket in the heavy duty the same diameter as the 90 tooth one it has at moment so gearing will be similar to the original? Thanks for any help / guidance Wayne
  10. Southern Experts 2015

    great photos, even caught me with both wheels in the air!!
  11. Mecatecno V Oset

    i'm looking to get my son a bigger bike, 16inch wheels i do like the look of a mecatecno but i have never seen one at any of the trials we've been to, is there a reason for this? are they as good as the oset 16.0? pros? cons? thanks for any help wayne
  12. Oset In The Forest

    same with me i take my son on his 12.5 with me walking the dog, most people are more amazed than annoyed!!
  13. Trials Bike Insurance?

    I've rung carol nash again who first quoted me £415 for the two bikes, told them I thought it was too much , I explained the bikes had ground anchors and chains but they were not a recognised manufacturer which they seemed happy with. After much haggling we agreed just over £300. its not insured during a trial but is at all other times, MSM would do it but wanted £197.62 just for the 4rt, I don't ride many road trials so its not really worth it for me. and relax....til next year:)
  14. Trials Bike Insurance?

    right just rung bennetts, they said we don't knowingly insure trials bikes as the are so light and easy to steal, I mentioned that my 4rt was on there list and people on trialscentral had said they are insured with you, he said the owner probably hadn't made it clear it was a trials bike, and he went to his supervisor who confirmed they wont insure trials bikes. next was the bike insurer they wont insure any of the two bikes because they are kick start and don't need a key. can anybody help?
  15. Trials Bike Insurance?

    this is just the cover I was after as carol nash have just quoted me £420 for two solo trials bike and having our oset on the insurance would be good. I rang NFU mutual (alton) and even copied them this thread, they come back to me saying the oset couldn't be quoted for and my two bikes (twinshock Honda and montesa 4rt) would be £499, obviously I was shocked and they said they are notoriously expensive for bikes, insurance is weird!!! i'll keep looking...bennetts next