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  1. Is it for sale? how about contact for the owner? thanks
  2. I have been told that the main difference is in the ignition. Allowing much higher rev limit!!ENJOY!!!!!!!
  3. Hey Pete how's things! Duane got rid of most everything he had to John Thompson. #1 and#2 water cooler gasgas and a bunch of really neat stuff. I don't believe Johns doing anything with all that old ggodies he has. He's gotten into road riding on his bicycle. I will probably see Duane this weekend @ the Bear Valley trial. Shawn Morris will be there as well. It's a neat ski area where we are pretty limited to where we can ride. The EL Trial was heald there 2 years ago!! If you are stateside it would be great to see you there!! Hap PS SORRY 4 THE MERLIN COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Nice pic!! Harry sure had fun, nice butt that guy has too............................big!!! By any chance did you talk to Pete about the backpack? Thanks appreciate the pic as well! Do you have any more of HARRY? If so let me know You could drop me a pm @
  5. It was an awesome weekend!! Harry said stuff was biggest he'd ever ridden. Last section he rode with no rear brake as there was a minor faliure. Now wondering if anyone came across an ALPINESTAR backpack used as a minders pack with tools,drinks etc. It was last seen @section 4(Last Demo Section)near end of DEMO on Sunday. Would really appreciate whomever found it to return it! I'll throw a pair of TRIALS Gloves to the returner if U R out there. thanks and can't wait until next years El Trial. If you have a chance to attend ,it's for a great cause (USA TDN team) and it's ton of fun. BTY there's a post on this thread about donations to help USA TDN team via tshirts... NOT A BAD IDEA..... HARRYS TRIALS SHOP Hap Oswald 8328 Berman Walk Way Citrus Heights, California 95610 USA
  6. Big John! Have you ridden the Jim Susans tl much? DId he make many of those frames. I really like the look of that bike,wondering how it actually works........What about the weight.. any and all info would be greatly appreciated.Hap
  7. Brian, is the guy from france? He's got a really nice collection of HOnda Trialers. Late model RS250T and a bunch if tlr's TL200r etc. Contacted me as well I think I've got a line on a RS250ta replica tank...but I believe he wants an original.....Contact me offf the list as I have a few things I'd like to ask yoiu thanks Hap
  8. Motor # is RS200T-0002446 Frame# is TL200RF-2446 It's probably the only RS200t trials bike that made it to the states. I finally picked it up on my birthday Sat. Good present for myself. This bike is supposed to have been owned by Takumi Naritas Father. On the fiberglass seat pan there is a Japanese flag and below is RSC lettering... Tank and seat are fiberglass. Anyone have an idea about when this bike might have been produced? It neeeds restoration so anyone with some pictures would be great also. any and all info would be apprecieated. thanks Hap
  9. I use Dexron III atf in almost everything(2 cycle) cheap and change often......interested in the TLR200 also...
  10. Dan have some stuff coming from this guy the swing arm pics I've seen look great I too need a couple of these 1 for the 84 RS250ta and 1 for my rs200tf You should have posted some pic here of your plate would have been tons of interest,,,,,,Hap
  11. Is there a picture of this unit? I have a guy who doesn't like anything he has seen. He is looking to put a tank on a tlr200 reflex. tried, the RS250ta stlye and the tlr250 style and neither worked for him what else is out there. thanks
  12. I believer the later hubs tlr250F are the same as the early RTL . I have a couple of HRC RS250ta 1984 trials bikes and the hubs are TLR200 style with aluminium arms. Front and rear shoes ar4e smae size as XR80. Hope this helps.
  13. Have a few spares for this bike....F&R mudgaurds , seat base, decals,gaskets,rotary valve and a few others email me if interested Hap Located in the USA
  14. Saw a TLR bashplate made of carbonfiber on ebay uk........ Headed off to help set up Junior National WEST COAST USA/ El Trial De Espana event coming up this weekend returned home for a couple of hours and it has dissapeared???????anyone know anything.........
  15. The US California model of the TLR200 Reflex also had a smog can with tubes attached,so that the little bike that could,nt go at least had a very clean exhaust note. They all ran hobbily lean from new. Only available for 1986 and 1987. New MSRP was either 1595 or 1695 in dollars now beater go for that easy. Any info on the 1984 HRC RS250ta trials model? everyone seems to think it a TLR250......TLR250 engines are mdo9 and RS250ta are engines are for sure RS....