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  1. I manage OK with a pair of Tech 3's. But I use the enduro model with a chunky sole, not the flat soled MX boots. My boots are quite old now, so are well worn in and Flexible. I dont think a new pair of MX boots would make riding trials very easy as they are too stiff.
  2. I had an interesting training session on steep down hills, where the riders weight was over the bars, not enough to get the back wheel airborne, but enough to push the front tyre into the ground, giving better control and steering on the decent. I cant see loading the inside peg working on cross cambers, surely that would have the effect of pushing the tyres down the slope, not into the hill as it would if you loaded the outside peg.
  3. I am not suprised that you have no disappointed buyers, I have seen various photos of your bikes, they are all very tidy.
  4. Spongey brakes?
  5. why would a practice day have score cards? Surely a practice day would allow you to ride the section as many times as you want allowing you to PRACTICE. If the sections are marked wouldn't that become a FUN trial?
  6. Utter Tosh, I got my hands on a 2001 GG TXT as an intro to trials, OK the plastics are a bit tired, but apart from the usual knocks and scrapes the bike seems fine. I have had to replace wheel bearings, fork springs and chain, All of which I consider to be normal given the age and type of use the bike has had. Oh and the engine rattles a lot but apparently it has always done that. I still manage to have a lot of fun riding the bike in trials so dont go knocking the older models.
  7. It is the colour of the plastic under your throttle grip.
  8. How many links should the chain be on a TXT250 (2001 model) using 44/11 sprockets?
  9. There are a few places you can try for spares. I would go to GasGas UK , Motomerlin or BVM . Fork seals are an easy job. instructions are on this site
  10. The TXT250 is an ideal bike for an introduction to trials. Do a search on this forum and you will see that they are pretty tough. Regular oil changes will keep the bottom end sweet. ATF oil seems to be the oil of choice . Price for a 1999 bike I would expect somewhere between
  11. Spikey, the results are out, they are on the regs page of the berko site.
  12. Give them time, it usualy takes a little while for the results to be posted. I am waiting to see how did too. I was doing OK until my last lap.
  13. OK I have seen where to buy section markers but where can I get hold of the wire section marker holders that are used to define the route of a section? You know the ones, about a foot or so long with a loop at the top that the marker slides into.
  14. Did you hit a tree on your last trial and damage some fingers ??
  15. Thanks, so no changes then.