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  1. fuel tank cap

    anybody know where i can get a new fuel tank cap for the piuma model

    trials park at corton something for all skills very popular and only £10 per day
  3. Beta techno running backwards

    agree i,ve known richard since the late seventies and never had or heard of any problems with him .
  4. Beta techno running backwards

    allens used trials spares should be able to help richards contact number 07917 406313
  5. Bultaco 199a Frame Mods

    the 199b had a 4mm bracket used fixed onto the bottom of the seat and doubled up as the seat mounting brkts .most of us back in the day moved the footrests back about one inch. i had both bikes but felt the 199a was the better one.
  6. Beta techno running backwards

    ignition timing needs setting common problem on two stroke motors
  7. Crankcase damage

    on the ty175 the damage was caused by the chain tensioner spring becoming weak and allowing the chain to come off and cause this damage a common problem on that bike
  8. TY 175 airbox to carb hose

    no problem steve glad to help just looking at the project and thought it might be a good idea to machine some weight off that flywheel and make the bike more responsive .up to you of course .my majesty is highly modified thats why i had the hose left over. nice job though keep it up.
  9. TY 175 airbox to carb hose

    i,ve deffo got one will look in the morning didnt get time today sorry
  10. TY 175 airbox to carb hose

    i,m pretty sure i,ve got a good used one in my workshop will have a look in the morning and let you know.
  11. sprocket suggestions 240 twinshock

    my 240 fantic rebuild is nearing completion but i,m undecided what size rear wheel and gearbox sprockets to fit any suggestions would be very helpful before i end up buying the wrong sizes .many thanks.
  12. OKO on a 199a

    ford electric monza blue
  13. Essex/Suffolk Newbie

    trials park corton suffolk £10 per day for adults great venue for all beginners to elite experts people around most weekends
  14. Best shocks

    don,t waste your money on betor alloy gas shocks.they are sold as re-buildable until you try to find someone to rebuild them nobody will touch them and the factory just ignore your email. should be sold as disposable in my opinion!
  15. 240 Swinging arm bolt removal

    it is deffo screwed in ,the thread, is in the left hand side,the right hand side should have been female hexagon for allen key sounds like somebody has had some sort of attempt at it before.
  16. hi, does anyone have any idea where i can get the above shocks rebuilt in the uk . they are sold as re-buildable but i,m at a loss trying to find someone to do the job for me .
  17. New rider form bury st edmunds

    trials park corton just over 50 miles from bury but well worth the journey only £10 per day look it up on the net
  18. 250 engine

    does anybody know what the crankshaft end float should be on the 250 engine please.
  19. Bottom yoke

    Does anybody know how to remove the bearing stem from the bottom yoke please.
  20. italjet piuma t250

    hi guys does anyone know how many of these were made ?the one i have has marzochhi forks and alloy spindles so i assume it must be one of the later ones maybe 84 ish?
  21. polypropelene tanks

    can anyone suggest a good method to clean the outside of these tanks please. mine is very dirty after years of use.
  22. Bultaco Sherpa 198A.....girling Rear Shocks.

    betors were fitted as standard but many people swapped to girling gas with twin springs the shorter spring was wound from a square section wire and painted red and the long spring wound from a round section wire and painted black used them on my 198 and 199 great improvement over the betors
  23. Bantam Yam Clutch Conversion

    the yamaha clutch is very poor as you say on or off no feel at all .i use surflex plates and good condition steel plates with 8 spring set up ,20mm longer standard actuator arm and no return spring .great feel and very light with no slip absolute perfection, many people have ridden the bike and were impressed.
  24. Paint Or Powder

    whats the general opinion about paint or powdercoat on aircooled fantic head and barrel ?.
  25. 240 Front Exhaust

    hi has anybody taken the front section of the exhaust under the tank and seat apart to clean it out my one seems heavy so suspect lots of years of carbon in it. what is actually in there? (apart from carbon of course)